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Is Linux $1.95/month Package Good At Computinghost.com

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When I checked Xisto - Web Hosting packages, I found this $1.95 package the cheapest, but do it will satisfy the needs for a wordpress blog. Please share your views.


Yes. It is perfect for typical wordpress blog and hosting. Only thing is to watch out for is mycents are slow to earn for you. And you need to either use those mycents to pay for yearly or monthly hosting price. Downtime - sometimes we do face short downtimes and honestly it's once in week or month. Very small but it is there and you can view it from either netwhistle or from your analytics. I'm hosted here for last 3 years and i do face few downtimes. But service is good and i'm okay with that.Customer support - support is bit slow and it takes some time to answer your questions. But it's okay if you have patience for sometime then you'll have no issues with it. Overall, if you just wanted to host wordpress blog then Xisto - Web Hosting is good hosting service.


The bandwidth should provide enough monthly transfer for a standard wordpress blog. If you need to increase your monthly transfer than you can always change the option when you order the product along with many other different options (such as webspace, FTP accounts, etc.) to fit your needs. Of course this will alter the $1.95 price but it will not change it that much.


My monthly hosting is $5.96, I have shell access and dedicated IP. That is from the base of $1.95.There are downtime of 10-30mins max once in a while in a week or month but it always goes back up less than 30mins. It may differ from server to server, I am on Gamma server. The downtime seems to be connected with account reloads which seems to be done on batch basis.