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How Do You Take A Snap Of A Site?

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hello everyone,I'm building my own portfolio website and I just wanted to find out how I can take a snap of a website then arrange the images as 'slices'? I've seen such images all over the web but i'm clueless how to go about it.here is a link of an example....http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/


You can use sites like websitescreenshot for software.

There are some other softwares that can do this for free. I giving you link to software which is simple. Avoid using any trial version of software for doing these things. There is also firefox add-on if you are firefox user. search for it and if not found i'll see if i can find it.


There are various browser extensions you can use to get a screen grab of your website:Screengrab - FirefoxWebpage Screenshot - ChromeI say go with the Firefox one as you have various options on how to screenshot the website.