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Problems While Uploading Forum Directory problems while uploading forum directory to other server

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I have done phpbb forum on local site. It is working fine on local server but when i uploaded the forum directory on other server, it is unable to load the index page of forum. Also not giving any error or warning.What to do with this problem. please suggest.


We need more information about your webserver's setup. If I were to transfer the a phpbb forum from a local server, I would do the following: 1. Install phpbb on the web server. 2. Upload the necessary files (custom templates, pictures, etc.) from the local server to the web server. 3. Export the database from the local server. 4. Drop all database entries from the web server. 5. Import the database from step 3. 6. Perform an upgrade of the phpbb installation. There might be better and easier steps but this is how I do most of the migrations with different CMS's: WordPRess, Modx, etc.