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Registering Microsoft Office Particularly Word as Ive used all my unregistered openings

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Dear people I hope can help me. Hope you are well. I bought A HP Mini 110 Laptop in Buenos Aires maybe around 8 months ago. Anyway, I didn-t register my Microsoft Office Programmes and I have now used my 50 offline Word documents... My problem is that my laptop wont let me register. When it asks for the key, it says its incorrect. I take it that the registration number is the sticker on the base of the laptop entitled Product Key? ...The laptop is legit by the way. Can you help me out on this and also is there another way that I can try to input it, do you have instructions. Microsoft are looking for 72 euro to email them about it....NO CHANCE!!Many thanks and I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possibleBest regards,


:DRegister number is not the sticker on the laptop because that number is likely to be number of hardware and not software. Microsoft never adds software reg key on laptop or any hardware product. You need to phone the microsoft for the registration. The software that comes with laptop is trial version which works for 60 day. If it's free with laptop then you need to consult with your vendor. Else you have no other option than to call microsoft, pay for the product and register via the key they sent you by email or phone. By the way, just because you bought laptop doesn't mean you paid for the software in it. You have to take the chance and pay for the software. Another way: You can download and install Open office or Staroffice and use the microsoft documents on those softwares.


One correction. The registration sticker probably is your Windows registration key. You might wanna keep it safely written down somewhere btw.Other than that, Mahesh is right. I'm pretty sure MS Office doesn't come bundled with Windows. However, I did hear that one of my friends managed to get Office 2010 for 10$ ! I'm not sure about the details but it probably had something to do with some deal or coupon code. See if google can help you with that. If it doesn't just take the call between OpenOffice and Office 2010. OpenOffice seems good enough for me.


I take it that the registration number is the sticker on the base of the laptop entitled Product Key?


That is likely either the product key for the version of Windows your laptop is running (it probably includes the letters "OEM" in it somewhere, if that is the case) or a product key for other software bundled with the laptop by HP. Product keys for Microsoft software are usually printed on a certificate inside the box, or on the back of the product manual.


Your laptop likely came with a trial version of Microsoft Office. If that is the case, and you have used up your trial, then you have two choices: pay up for a full version of Microsoft Office, or use a free alternative. Upgrading from the trial version to the full version can be very expensive (sometimes more expensive than the laptop itself). I would suggest downloading OpenOffice. It's a completely free office suite including a word processor and spreadsheet application. It can open and save in all of Microsoft's file formats, so will work with your existing Microsoft Office documents, and allow you to save new ones if you have to.


Thanks to you all for the info so quick on this. Yes, Im sure that it is probably just a trial version and , lol, I dont need Office enough to buy it or to send the 72 euro email!!!Thanks for the leads on the other programmes, for your info also, if you didnt know abou them , Im now using Atlantis which I got from Download.com, there is also another programme called AbiWord...which has only opened sporadically in some cafes for me... Im in Peru at the moment, so mostly sending things written in advance saved on my USB and copied into the emails. Do any of you have any comments on the programmes I downloaded or if anyone else has any other better suggestions, always great hear about them. Many thanks again to you all.


Agreed with rvalkass. OpenOffice is for free. It is almost completely the same like Word.