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A Short Love But Strong

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I love her. she love me too. in the time that her parents know about our relation they blame her and confiscate her phone, moto.However we still meet eachother when go to study English. Now we are in 7 month. Recently our relation not good. when i ask her she do not reply me. i do not know should I continue or not if difficult like this?Next year I must go to study abroad.


Hi Nicky. How old are you? If you're a teenager, enjoy the feelings while it lasts. The pressure that her parents put into your relationship may be too much for her to handle that's why she doesn't reply or give you a direct answer. Understand that she still is under her parents' roof. At young age, it's hard to take a leap of faith for love when you still have a lot of things/plans for your future.Your plans of studying abroad seem fix and, trust me, long distance relationships is hard and almost always fail. Enjoy your love for her while its there. Once you distant yourself by studying abroad, you'll see a whole new world and will start to move on. It sounds s preposterous but in love it's best to wait and see. Open your heart and mind. You'll never know, you might end up with each other again.


Well Nicky, look at it like this.For you right now, this relationship most likely will not last. Not because you won't always love her, but because you will grow and change just as she will. Your preferences may change as the years go on, and you may decide to fall in love with someone else.But what you have now, enjoy it. Make it the most important thing in your life right now, because when it ends, it's gonna hurt like no other pain you have ever felt. And eventually you will get over her, and eventually you will fall in love again and again, and be hurt time and time again. It's all part of growing up and life.At some point down the road, you will have defined what it is you are looking for and hopefully she will find you, you will fall in love for the last time, and be happy for the rest of your life. I would rather go through a season of pain than a lifetime of suffering...


Hi Nicky now a days she is not replying you that means she is ignoring you. There can be many reasons for ignoring you. Either now she doesn't love you or her parents force her to not continue relationship with her. I suggest you to concentrate on your study as you are going abroad for study. This is the time for you to achieve something in your life. Right now you must be hard worker. If she is not willing to meet you again forget her for sometime and start looking at your career for future plans. First thing that needs to know is Are you confirmed that she does not want to continue the relationship if not then forget her and enjoy your life with some new enthusiasm. I don't know if you are serious or not but if you are not serious with her then leave her to enjoy her life in her own way. Best of Nicky for your future career.


Well parents do play a role when it comes to relationships but actually, everyone around you does. But it's only up to both of you if you're going to be strong enough to continue what you have started or to quit 'cause you think that will be the best decision for the two of you. All I can say is, if you're really meant to be for each other plus your efforts when you really want to be together, then it will always be you.Whatever decision you guys want to make in the future, make sure the two of you openly agree about it. That's what relationship is all about! :rolleyes: