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Need Female Feedbacks I designed a website for my girlfriend and I need some inputs.

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Hi guys. I don't usually start topics but I need you opinion on the design I made for my girlfriend's website, https://www.iamissa.com/.

The design uses BizzArtic's Inuitype WordPress theme (a dark and serious-looking theme) which I tweaked for about 12 hours to become a bit girly (and a bit playful). I do have an eye for detail but a girl's viewpoint is still different. Please visit the site and say something about it.

**Warning: I'm just a noob web designer with a bit of background in CSS and HTML. Enough to play around with the theme.


I'm no female but i think the site looks good! :) It had has the "girly" feel to it, you did a good job with that. But the site would look 10x better if you could put the menu BELOW the "iamissa" banner... that would have been awesome. I especially LOVE the little rock for the sidebar widgets :D And also, the top pink for the menu and down pink for the footer seems to be different shades of pink, you could fix that a bit. Overall, its pretty impressive.


i like it linekill, you did a great job in there. i really admire your work, you reflexed the female sense in the whole site. i like the overall design, very simple and unique. the pink color is so suitable to the site, especially how you mix it with green and blue in the site name. but as deadmad said, the degree of pink in the upper menu and the footer is different. i think the pink degree in the footer is more fit to the site. and i think that "here we go again" needs to be in a more showy font but it is up to you. and the sidebar should be lower a little to be fit with "here we go again " not upper than it and all the blue boxes should be in the same size, it will give a more good look for the site, try to set a fixed height to all of them. other than that, you did a great job. and i must say you have a very creative eye, that make it looks like a girl site.keep up the good working, and good luck.

Little Asterisk

Hey linekill,


I just wanted to personally thank you for not using Comic Sans on your website for achieving a "girly, fun, approachable" (first things non-designers say when thinking of the disputable font) feeling over the website.


As for the design, I think it's pretty good, only one thing: the posts need more padding, and the about page some small tweaking for achieving a more "funky/fun" look. I think the whitespace gives it some personality. On the picture below you can see what can be done with a bit more padding on the About page:


The image is on http://prnt.sc/qx37 - unfortunately, the forum won't let me embed this type of link as an image because it doesn't have an extension.


I just removed the border-top from the "About me" heading two tag and added a 35px padding all-round the main area. Here's the code:


Again, can't embed image: http://prnt.sc/qx4o


And I also added a 35px padding on the entry class (<div style="padding: 35px;">), which you can't see in the above screenshot (unfortunately)...


Sorry for that interference, I just had to do it. You don't have to take the advice, since that's just how I see it and it's just a minor change on your girlfriend's website. ;)


Another thing: (and note that I'm not a girl and I'm not overly competent to judge the color), but the pink is a bit too strong for my taste. Change as you see fit. :D


Other than that, you did a pretty good job here. Congrats. ;)