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Treating The Bad Guys Well The morally good thing to do or advancing their cause?

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The same could be said for good guys. You can motivate people to do anything. If you ever saw Men in Black, Tommy Lee said, "Humans are smart. People, are panicy and dumb"People as individuals can be smart, but people in a group can be lead to act whatever way you persuade them to. It's easier that way.The reason for that is because you have different points of view in one area. The majority then, rules. And usually, instead of being left out, the rest will join in, even if their views are not that of the majority.Bad guys, do what they have learned, you can try to unlearn it, but the thoughts are still there. They always will be. There is NO WAY to remove thoughts, just suppress them. I think it's just like a wild animal. You can teach a wild animal to act a certain way, but eventually, given the right circumstances, it will go back to acting just like a wild animal. Of course you don't want that, but you can not control every situation.


i dunno about all this violence upon violence or cutting off fingers because a person steals.my emotions tell me that some people need to be punished more for their crimes. at the same time however? who should have that right? someone who was pewrsonally affected and a victim to a crime where their emotions are alreaady affected engatively and thus will not use proper judgement? i believe an eye for an eye, but when it comes down to it, sometimes innocent people get wrongly accused and punished. it's the sole reason i don't eblieve in the death penalty. i will never accept or promote the sacrificing of innocent people where a system is in place to punish the real criminals or even make an example out of them as a deterrent.now harlot says he believes in self defense but what he is talking about isn't self defense. what he is CLEARLY talking about is street justive and violence upon violence as an answer to the problems. i cannot disagree more. in los angeles, we had a guy named rodney king makes headlines. this guy was driving too fast and dangerously. could have killed innocent people the way he was driving. whent he police caught up to him and stopped him, rodney was clearly risisting arrest and not following a safe way for the police officers to arrest him. at the same time, some of the police officers took it upon themselves to use excessive force which some people seem to believe in. later on, when certain police officers didn't get the punishment other people thought they deserved, it created a riot in the city of los angeles. i was unaware of what was taking place and was right smack in the middle of it all watching the lakers play basketball at their old arena. so when the game was over, i saw violence i never want to see again and all of it was due to a reaction of the so called street justice people say they believe in. now experiencing this first hand and seeing what street justice leads to and what violence upon violence leads to, i can say without a doubt that it is just plain WRONG. in fact, in most cases, street justice isn't justice at all and just creates more problems to deal with in the future.


What about talking about good actions and bad actions instead of talking about good guys and bad guys? We don't really know if a guy is good or bad but we can tell a bad action from a good one.Treating bad actions with good in the hope of people reforming their behaviors depends on what bad they did. Talking behind my back is a bad thing but I still can react in a good way. The same is for stealing my sockets. But for sure it's not the same when there's harm or damage. That should be socially punished not rewarded.

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