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Guidelines and Advice!! A Small Social Networking Site....

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Guidelines and Advice!!A Small Social Networking Site....

Please I have a project at school to develope a small social Network site for my school. As at now I am yet to begin the PHP and learning of other languages. Can I achieve this aim within foyr months? Is it possible that I can carry out this project with my other courses. Please look into my situation and give me neccessary advice!!

Thanks in advance!


-question by Faruk


I would suggest that you would start with a CMS of a Social Networking Script like SocialEnginer, etc. and play around with that and start learning PHP really fast, that is the only way. Four months? Thats a lot of time, you can do it in a week if you ask me, it doesn't take much. But, considering you don't know php or any other language, you should pick another project if you can. I will wait for some feedback to help you and give more information and the guidelines.


yeah, i think that too. four months is more than enough to learn PHP. but if you have a background on programming languages and its structure then you can take a direct way. get a free script for social network, study it to know how it works, after you fully understand it, write your own code. this way you can have a plan on what you should do and how you do it and you can even choose what kind of features you want to add to your code . good luck.

Little Asterisk

As web designer and deadmad said, four months is more than enough time to both learn PHP and build a social network.


In programming, basically, you only need to learn the logic behind a language and everything after that will be easy for you. For instance, an if...then statement in C++:


if (something) { do something; do something else;}

And the same statement in Flash Actionscript:



if (something) { do something; do something else;}

As you can see, it was practically identical (OK, maybe not every language is THAT similar, but I think you get the general idea...).


So, go to W3C schools (http://www.w3schools.com/php/default.asp for PHP tutorials) and start learning... Rome wasn't built in a day. Posted Image