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Adobe Cs5 Anyone used it?

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So, what do you think of Creative suite 5? I've watched some videos and first impressions are great, as always...

However, I don't feel like spending hundreds of dollars on a bad product, so I'd like to hear what do you think about it. If you have tried it, what's really worth mentioning and what isn't? Is the loading period shorter? Memory usage?

I'd like to download the whole collection trial, but they don't offer it yet so I'm destined to a couple of sneak-peek videos... ;)

P.S. The pages look really nice, and load extremely fast, too... That just makes me want to upgrade to the master collection CS5!


Well i didn't know that Cs5 version is out, but anyway it's very nice. I'm watching a video review on YouTube and it's pretty nice. ;) Congratulations Adobe for this big success you've made! :P


i was on Adobe site and realise they advertising CS5 but what I dont know is are they advertising it as a released product or as a future product. The buttons on the site seem like they are for a future date because when you try buying i think it says you can buy to reserve for future release or something. Maybe they have updated their site in last few weeks to change this.But I am interested to see where they will take Dramwever to and Photoshop as those are the programs I use. I hope they will improve Dreamweavers capability in a lot of ways which I think they havent done yet but the web design industry has already gone past. Also a faster loading time and less mucking around processing time and that would be great. Just out of curiousity where did you see the videos. I'd love to check them out too.


Well I can't really vote on this because the selections are kind of stupid but since I have tested the pre-release beta of CS5 codenamed White Rabbit all I have to say is WAIT FOR THE FINAL RELEASE, since the beta is far from stable, it is full of bugs, and doesn't have all the features. It is pretty much a non-working version of cs4 with a different menu. I was surprised that it performs faster in the Windows 7 environment and that it is also a smaller app,( the beta that I encounted ) I'm not sure about the final.


For now I'm back to CS4 and I still like CS4.

Little Asterisk

Thanks everyone for their answers, I have just downloaded the trial of Adobe Master Collection CS5 and I'm trying to see how it works. It's interesting that Flash has an iPhone template, when Apple just announced there'll be no support for Flash on any of its mobile products. While talking about Flash, it has an interesting new snippets panel where you can simply add commonly used functions right into your Actionscript document. That alone made me happy. :PAlso, Adobe After Effects CS5 and Premiere Pro CS5 don't work on 32 bit versions of Windows, which means everyone with that version of Microsoft's OS should either buy the CS4 version of After Effects and Premiere or upgrade both your PC and Windows version to a newer one. On an unrelated note, it's interesting watching all the fighting between Adobe and Apple, who knows how it's going to end? I currently hate Apple since I was very interested in making Flash iPhone apps and make a fortune on the marketplace selling them. ;)Well, what to say... You win some, you lose some. :P


I can't say that I have tried CS5, but I probably won't either, I didn't really like any of the CS versions, I still use 7, old school I know, but it isn't as laggy as the CS programs, I tried the very first CS which was 8 I believe, then I tried CS4, I love adobe products, but it's not worth the lag for just a few more features!!


Hi!I've been using Adobe Photoshop CS5 last week and I haven't really noticed anything that wasn't there in Adobe CS4, but that's probably because I do not use or need any of the advanced Photoshop functionality beyond the basic graphic editing and image slicing. I have not used the 3D features of Photoshop that were introduced in CS4 (or was it CS3?) and probably will not be using it anytime soon.What I would like to see in other Adobe products is a better integration between the products that make up the Adobe Master Collection CS5 suite.I support Adobe's strategy is to bundle more features into their offerings rather than decrease prices, but there still is the possibility of buying an old copy off somebody who needs the newer features.


I got CS5 the other day and with the exception of content awareness feature, which isn't always accruate, I haven't notice anything new. Granted, if you get one of the packages you do get Flash builder 4 (Flex 4) and Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5 have been added, well if you get the Web Premium package of course. CS online applications have been branded CS Live and it would seem they are no longer free anymore which really sucks in terms of online collaberation tools. Of course, the collberation between the software is better then ever which is a good thing and they provided more layouts for the type of user and programmer you are.Your best bet is to score copies of the missing manuals series to give you an idea whats going on with CS5. I will say this though, if you want CS5 for the features save your money just because CS4 still does a great job, but if your looking for ultimate collaberation toolset then you on the right path.I will say this though, I wish they drop fireworks altogether from their software list, because Photoshop does it better and if you take a few features from Fireworks, especially the web related stuff then they be great.


There is no big difference between cs5 and its predecessors, but I think this make it easier to use it so you don?t have to learn all over again a product you already manage. Probably all the improvements are internal and they are performance related.


There is no big difference between cs5 and its predecessors, but I think this make it easier to use it so you dont have to learn all over again a product you already manage. Probably all the improvements are internal and they are performance related.


I second that. I had Adobe CS3. When CS5 came out I had bought a Mac. So I got CS5 for it. The result:

Some new features, but not worth switching from CS4


I've found some changes but not a LOT, though there are new functionality things included for working with other people and stuff like that.I like to stay up-to-date with programs though so I had to upgrade, :P.

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I have Photoshop CS5, Lightroom CS5, Illustrator CS5, Fireworks CS5 and After Effects CS5 and I just love them! best software ever