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Joomla On Trap17

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Hi everyone. I have limited knowledge in html, which is how I previously created some personal webpages. I am starting to learn about joomla and use it on a website that I created.Can you use joomla on trap 17? how long does it take to get a web hosting account?Thanks!


yes, i can, so i think you'll be able to use joomla without any problem too. :D Trap's web hosting also offers you with fantasisco and softaculous software in your cpanel so you can easily install the CMS you wanted like drupal, wordpress, joomla, etc. :)now to how long it takes, it really depends on yourself. some people here can get enough money for their free web hosting package in 1 day (or maybe some hours later after they're registered...), while me myself needs like 3 days (because of, yeah, i don't really into talking in foreigners language). how about you?


You can use following CMS systems :- Wordpress (not updated version but have to update on your own).- drupal ( it is lagging with current release but you can upgrade)- Joomla ( you can use current version).So i hope this answers your question for use of joomla on Xisto. Just make sure that you update the joomla script before making site live and using it.