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Turn Iphone Or Ipod Touch Into Wireless Keyboard And Mouse new app from Logitech

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A new iTune app for iPhone or iPod Touch has turning your device as a wireless touch mouse for your computer. It's one of those "why didn't they think of that, it's so natural!"


But it has taken this long since the launching of Apple's most successful devices, iPhone and iPod Touch, to be used as something so fundamental and clever as touch mouse if it wasn't for Logitech.


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Not only this app can use your favorite iPhone or iPod Touch as wireless touch mouse, it can utilize iPhone or iPod Touch's keyboard as wireless keyboard as well. Wow, I know!


Now, why would you need wireless keyboard? Well some of users, I'm sure, can think of few things instantly! I myself will use this new app's wireless keyboard to control my HTPC (Home Theatre PC) instead of my wireless keyboard and mouse combo. Not only the size of iPod Touch (mine) is smaller and easier I can have that with me better than a keyboard in my pocket :)


The application can do basically the same things as your regular mouse: point, scroll, click, and of course type. It is reported that it also works over 3G as well as Wi-Fi. The application also displays the text you find it on iPhone or iPod Touch on the remote screen, like your HTPC or your regular computer. It is cross platform--both Mac and PC compatible.

Nelson Blogs

OMG! I am going to bookmark this app until I get my iPod Touch. This will be one of the first apps I will install on it. You left out that the application is free! I am sure it works because there are videos of people who are demonstrating the app. It reminds me of the mouse I had recently broke. It was one of those pointing-type mouse. Thanks for the share.


wow it's cool :D the sad thing is I don't have an Iphone aha anyway thats sounds very cool even if you are away into your computer you can control it :) how about using it as a remote control in TV?nah.. kidding


I have a iPhone and iTouch and i been using another program exactly like this one for like a year now. Its already been done and logitech is here just to pick up the pieces that the other app left behind. Rowmote Pro and Air Mouse Pro, $2 and $5 are about the most rated ones on the app store. But this one will probably overtake the rest as it offers about the same features for FREE! I will definitely download this app after it gets updated and stable in a few more weeks :)