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Tips To Make More Visitors1)Use User Friendly Designs2)Use Relevant Keywords3)Use Advertising Systems(Adwords,Adbrite,etc.)4)Posting Unique Content5)Don't Disturb Users By Putting More Ads(PopUp,FullPage,etc.)6)Use Best Domain Names7)Try Maximum Back links8)Submit Your Site To Maximum Search Engines9)Don't put any ads on new sites, unless you want to scare every one away. Just a tip.(Thanks "Cole")SEO Tricks1)Submit Sitemaps To All Search Engines2)Use Relevant Robots.txt3)Use RSS Feeds4)Use Relevant Meta Keywords,Descriptions5)Use 301 or 302 Redirection(if you want to redirect a page to another)6)Use Search Engine Optimized Designs7)Using Back Links8)Use Relevant Titles9)Post Your Sites Review In Forums(backlinks+visitors) 10)Update Your Site Frequently.

Nelson Blogs

Nice guide. Another guide that many other people should check out is over at yoast. This article is more directed toward bloggers but I guess some website owners can check this out also. It can be used as a great checklist. https://yoast.com/wordpress-seo/


thanks for that also my friend I am reading it now :) mm finding more ways to improve SEO


Great Post.Thanks for sharing your info with us.


Thanks for these info. Once my site is active, I'll use these quick guide. One question, though. I'm not that familiar with how robots.txt works. I know that you put it on the site to guide how crawlers index your website. How do we optimized the robots.txt to ensure optimum indexing? (What pages don't need to be indexed?)And how do we code the robots.txt to do this? (I've used Googles robots.txt generator for my old sites.)


You can use the robots.txt generator for that. You can use " disallow" tag to prevent some folders from indexing. There some wordpress plugins if you wish to do that. But other CMS likely to have their own add-ons for editing or maintaing robots.txt file from within the CMS.

One question, though. I'm not that familiar with how robots.txt works

To put it simply, It allows search engines robots to know which files to index and which to skip.