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What's The Best Pick Up Lines You Use

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I got separate questions for boys and girls for the boys:what's the best pick up lines you used when you ask a girl for a date..and how effective it is ?for the girls :what's the best pick up lines you've heard whena boy ask you for a date and what made you said yes?


Try these:


"Hey, how's it going?"

"Hi! Name's [your name]. What's yours?"


You don't need anything clever or crazy to introduce yourself. Best part about these lines is that you don't need to memorize them, therefore keeping you from tripping up and looking like a fool. That is, unless you have a bad habit of stammering and stuttering... which could also be something that girls find cute.


If they're interested, they'll listen and talk to you. Get to know them and LISTEN to what they say. Be part of an engaging conversation. LEARN who they are and if that person is someone that you would like to spend time with, doing anything from going to the carnival to watching movies to doing something that you may consider lame but he/she finds exciting. If all you want is to get into someone's pants, you deserve to be shot down... with no quarter. If you get shot down, it probably wasn't meant to be and you'd be saving yourself a ton of hassle by not pursuing someone who has no interest in you. Sometimes being persistent works, but more than most, you'd be setting yourself up for more hurt than anything positive.


Also, keep in mind that there are diamonds in the rough.


I can't tell you any of the best ones, but these are definitely the worst ones:- Two people and pot, a recipie for fun, no?- Wanna race?- Can you teach me algebra?- Do you have a trademark registration for being pretty?- Astalavista, baby.Okay, okay, so I just came up with the ones above, but that doesn't mean they can't be the worst. :-P


I have one."You look like a person that would light the room up like a million watts light bulb with her smile"*wait for her smile*"oh, candle light is cool, too"Now I don't really get why you need pick-up lines anyway. Talking normally and flirting should seal the deal. And if it doesn't, keep in mind that you can always call her a lesbian with a loud voice because she didn't like you. /joke


I am an Indian I don't know how americans always use pick up lines. But thats cultural diffrence.....In India you don't play wise guy smart guy confident guy stuff, girls love only decent, cool uncomplex guy loaded with mystery and quality and yes handsome..... so when this same type of the opposite meet, they look each other in the eye, current will passed on in the invisible realm, you will feel the connection... both communicate without words. After all this events, the does what he is suppose to do the girl does what she is suppose to do ... what are they suppose to do ?guy try her, she give him chances, its kinda like chess game, or say treasure hunt........ maybe it sounds a little 80's but this story is only applicable to True Love.. not party chicks and hot bad party guys. :)