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My New Blog

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Ive started a new blog :) mmm and I want a review from you guys please? if you wouldn't mind?
I want comments and suggestion so here it is

My Life Thoughts

its very new im sorry and as usual it has 0 pr
thanks to those who will visit..
btw its a personal blog


Nice looking blog...i really like the presentation although you may want to remove some banners.I don't know if you've heard of KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) lol...no offense i'm not saying you're simple butSimplicity shows sophistication if implemented well...look at Google's homepage, or Twitter, or Facebook...on your site i got the feeling things are just cramped up for attention to show users that indeed yes there is content but how many people are going to scroll to the bottom mate? There is too much info on your homepage, which is a good thing for seo yes..but the presentation will keep or chase away real users.The black section at the bottom can be gotten rid of and still you'll be left with a very nice looking, attractive site.Kudos for designing it, its real lovely...just needs a few touches in my opinion.Good luck.


Your new blog would do good with a new logo, since the current logo looks a bit outdated with the plastic bevelled icon and straight reflection. Also, the logo banner would look better without the URL caption text above the logo itself.On the layout of page, it looks good with the three column layout, although I find the continous scrolling widgets on the left side both annoying and useless. The right column, on the other hand. is nicely done, with the subscription form nicely placed at the top with the author biography. I also found the Blog stats at the bottom of the right column unnecessary and a waste of space, in that it merely forces the user to scroll more in order to reach the footer.Overall, a good effort, but it still needs a lot of work to get up to the standard of other more prominent blogs.