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What Fireworks Good At?

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I used Photoshop since i started working on computer graphic...(even i'm not really good at it yet)but then after using FLASH, i found out about Fireworks...so I installed it , then i found out that Either1) I dun understand how to use the good feature in it...2) It's really nothing special?i guess more likely is the first case...i mean does it good only about ...coz it can be interact with FLASH?or more ? Sorry if this is a stupid question?i know Firework must have its own good...but i really didn't use it much after installing it...and i dun really want to waste this...So can someone help to improve the interest of Firework for me?


I actually like it a lot more now. It has fantasic brushes and it is compatible with Flash - that's why they're released together. Of course, I prefer Photoshop a great deal more because of all the freedom it gives you, but for the sake of letting loose the little artist in me, I use Fireworks.


The same thing with me kinda, i would like tutorials or something. If anyone knows were i can get some tutorials for this program. Please give me a pm or something. Thanks.


and here you go.


This site has MX and 4 Tuts. - http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/


Check here of all places - http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/


Cbtcafe is the place i go for all my tutorials - http://www.cbtcafe.com/fireworks/


This is a good place for Dreamweaver and Fireworks - http://www.dw-fw-beginners.com/tutorials/


Wow...very nice! I think this deserves a raise in reputation, don't you?


Thank you for the rep biscuitrat.


o...thx..a really nice tutorial site that is...Cbtcafei should post this Question earlier...so i can get more info about it...but then i still can't get my mouse click on Firework...when making flash...get too used to click on photoshop...anyway...one day i might...when i learnt more about firework...and want to try them out.,..


in terms of imaging, nothing comes close to photoshop.Fireworks excels in integration with dreamweaver and flash. You can edit images back and fro with 1 click and so on. It's really a big time saver for me.You can use fireworks to create ppop-up menu which you cannot do in photoshop.think that's about all...


I agree with GBjack. But really, if you dont have dreamweaver, its not much of use. I currently own the whole set of Studio Mx 04, and it does wonders because of its compatability with each other. I have also noticed its compatibility with macromedias other products including Directer, and Coldfusion.

For more info visit Macromedia.com

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