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How to open .DAA file? How To Open A .daa File

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How to open .DAA file?How To Open A .daa File

Anybody tell me how to open a.DAA file? I am 6 GB data in the form of .DAA, any I don't know how to open,can u tell me PowerISO  work for these type of file?

-question by Dr.S


Check out this person's answer at yahoo answers as it looks pretty credible on the steps you have to take in order to open that file.



.DAA is a "compressed" ISO made using WinISO or PowerISO. IIRC either one can decompress it.Along with this you can decompress it with the trial versions, you are not required to register them first since you are not *creating* an ISO.Once you decompress the .DAA you can then delete it as you really won't need it again. I still don't understand why people make them anyways, the size is not that much different, and sometimes the size of the .DAA is LARGER than the .ISO.