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Skype Problem? How can I call to phone through skype??

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Hey frens,I am trying to call to phone through Skype but I don't know why I can't call.I have no credit cards to purchase.Can I pay through check.Dear users of Xisto,just give me suggestion.-Reply by Arjun pun.


Hey frens,

I am trying to call to phone through Skype but I don't know why I can't call.

I have no credit cards to purchase.

Can I pay through check.

Dear users of Xisto,

just give me suggestion.



-Reply by Arjun pun.

Hi Arjun,


There are few ways in which you can buy Skype credits...

1. Using PayPal

Paypal is an online payment service where you can use your credentials to make online purchase and is widely accepted across the internet. Creating a Paypal account is very easy. All you need to have is an email ID and a Credit card if possible if you want to do many transactions in your paypal account, else you can create it just with an email ID.


You can buy skype credits by using your paypal account, under the assumption that you have enough credits in your paypal account. You can add funds to your paypal account from your credit card or by transferring funds from other paypal accounts.


2. Using credit card

If you have a credit card also, you can directly buy Skype credits and it will be on international transactions in your next credit card statement.



But I do not think you can pay via check.

For more information on various payment options, check the site.


hey skype is absolutely free voip calls but it will cost for pc to cell and alike that but for pc to pc its free


Hey can any body tell me whether there is a program just for free talk to cell through internet.If yes then post here...