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Anything That Will Let Me Resize The Desktop

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Right, my screen has a resolution on 1600 x 900 (I was foolish and bought a Vaio FW series. I should of gone for a 17" toshiba.) anyway I want to do a HD screencast to go on youtube, but I want it full screen, but my moniter doesn't support 1280 x 720. Now i don't want to force the resolution down, what i do want however to know if I can resize the screen, as aposed to changing the resolution.If any of you know anything let me know (is this possible) I know it is on box moniters (we used to piss around with them at school) but not laptops. Help ...

Alex Cicala

I am afraid you can't get that resolution on your laptop, unless your driver supports it. If your driver supports that resolution, then simply change the resolution in settings.If that doesn't work try connect a monitor that can support that resolution respectively.If your driver doesn't support the resolution, then try update your driver.If none of this works, then I'm afraid there is no other way to change your resolution.Hope this helps :)


Wouldn't it just throw "black bars" to fill in what's not being used of the current resolution? I know you're going for fullscreen, but maybe that's what you're going to have to deal with.In the case where your screencast will just stretch to fit (as both resolutions seem to fit a 4:3 ratio), you might have to live with that too, unless YouTube supports resolutions higher than what you specified. You might notice a slight difference in degraded quality with this case, although I'm not sure how much as the resolutions specified are pretty close to each other (just a step up).I know you don't want to change your screen resolution, so either case is going to have to work out for you. Maybe the software that comes with your GPU will be able to let you fiddle around with which solution works best for you.