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New On Here, Need Some Assistance, Not Great With Computers

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Wondering if anyone knows how to obtain a demonoid membership. I have been trying for some time now, but it states you need a code for it, and I have been searching and searching and have came up with nothing. Ive heard a few good reviews on it, and would like to have it to download movies for my 3 children. So Im hoping someone out there who knows what there doing can help me out.Thanks a Bunch

:) Wanda :)


:) I don't think "Downloading movies" from "Demonoid" is legit :)Anyways, It differs from country to country so I can't comment much.You can try some other sites where they don't require authentication/registration.


I wouldn't recommend downloading from the Demonoid site itself, as you can do it for free off other sites. Read my quick guide below.... As you know, downloading movies is not LEGAL, but I'll help you anyways, because I've pirated so many things it's not even funny :) . Funny thing is, I just got into the world of piracy about two months ago :) ....


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