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Browser With Weird Search Engine cannot change back

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Hi forum users and readers I hope you can solve a stupid problem with my computer ? When I start my webbrowser, Im using internet explorer its some weird search engine. It used to be google and everytime I change it back to google its okay. Until I start me pc again, then the wrong search engine is back. How can I get rid off this? Its getting annoying and there hase to be a way right?? Well thats it, stupid problem and I hope that it has a nice easy solution that you can come up with, Im getting all your replays to my email so I?ll keep an eye on the topic, take care.?



Your post will split to new topic since it was posted with the wrong topic.

Anyway, you may have reoccuring spyware that changes your default search or default home page to their's. This is also known as Browser Hijack. Download free anti-spy wares like Spybot Search & Destroy and try cleaning your computer.

Also, make sure your computer is infection free with anti-virus.

If you are still having the same issue and you have Windows XP system, try following this example:

Trojen found Visit the direct link and download the latest scanning patch.


Sounds like you got your browser hijack and the home page is usually the most common hijacks and like buff mention scan your computer for spyware and malware and it will remove that problem. I recommend trying spybot and SuperAntiSpyware to help remove those problems from your computer.


I think you have a Trojan called FRUCTA...... Get some kind of special program that gets rid of those types of things such as SilverSword..... The normal everyday anti-virus such as McAfee doesn't detect those things.....sadly....I was amazed to find this happen to me too......


It is most likely a virus, so scan your computer. However, if you have installed a new browser toolbar or something simialar, they often do that. If you have, uninstall it, then scan your computer for viruses.