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Subdomains Were Deleted

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I had 2 subdomains on my account and they were deleted. Actually, one was a subdomain and one was an addon domain. All the files and stuff were still there but the redirection was deleted. As a result whenever I typed in the address and tried to goto my webpage it ended up being redirected to the Xisto Xisto webpage. I went into cpanel and added back the subdomains and they work now but I want to understand why they were deleted in the first place. Also, I'm not sure when it happened as I justed noticed it now.


My problem isn't exactly the same but it's so weird.. I can access my forums, their address is mysite.trap17.com/forums, but I can't access my main site ...(mysite.trap17.com)...It leads me to xisto.. but the weirdest about it is that my friends can see the main page of my site..Well I guess it's my computer's fault, but it jsut seemed weird..:P


my problem is that when i type mi domain http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ which is parked at Xisto and it show this xisto page, some of my subdomains .crystal-sorrow... work and some don't why is this happening? and it also says in my control panel "unlimited MB" on disk usage..

Disk space available Unlimited MB


I noticed this too... They probably reset cpanel's domains or something!