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[request] Runescape Theme Web Template

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Just wandering if there is anyone out there who make me a runescape theme web template. Dont really have any specific requirements for it.



anyway let me no,







Moved to the HTML Sub-forum. That is where the coders hangout.And what, exactly, is a Runescape Web Template supposed to look like and/or do?


To have possible style creators know exactly what you're talking about... I would suggest you start off with some "inspirations" or "ideas" on how the layout/colour scheme might look...Also consider if you are using a CMS/Forum software (BBS)... If you do... It would be much harder to make...


Mounts on Runescape?[request] Runescape Theme Web TemplateI think we should have mounts on Runescape. Because it is to slow to walk everywere, and I know that you have other transportations like the, Tree Log Canoe, Magic Carpet, and teleportation for wizards. But maybe you could put these options: Horses Camels Tigers Bears and other things like this, more people would probaly play Runescape. Because I know for a fact that most people don't play because you must walk with no transportation. I hope from hearing from you Ben