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Need Help - Cant Run Cgi On Trap17 Hosting need some help with using CGI on trap17 free hosting

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** note: i did create this topic before, but under a stupid name, so i didnt get replies. Sorry about that :S **

Im new to perl and CGI
could someone tell me how to run CGI on Xisto free hosting.
I have created a programme which look like

print "<p>Hi</p>";

i tried saving it in notepad as "test.cgi"
but it saved as a text document, named "test.cgi"
I tried putting it in the "cgi-bin" area, on the free web hosting ftp.
but when i ran it, it said it couldnt find it.

could someone help me.

Also, how do you use the first line like:
#! usr/bin/perl


The first line #!/usr/bin/perl is for you to specify the path to the perl.

As for your cgi file. There are a few things you might want to check up.

1) Do you upload it in ascii format?
2) Did you change the permission to at least 755?
3) You might want to change the script to such

print "Content-type: text/html\n\n";

print "<p>Hello</p>";