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Registration Form?! Password Issue???

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How can I build the registration form with some additional function which is illustrated by attached file. When a user tries to type a password, that bar thing says neither it's strong nor weak, or medium. Just take a look at attachment


You may wish to put that attached file on your post, as we can't see it at the moment. I can only assume you want a meter similar to the one used by cPanel to tell you how strong your password is. They are made using JavaScript and are fairly easy to make, or you can copy a pre-existing one. Just make sure you check out exactly how each one determines if a password is secure. Most ignore the overall length of the password, whether it has copied your username or something, all things which affect its overall strength as a password.


Yeah, this is exactly what I wanted thanks.


I have a password script which uses different sets of characters, several lengths, etc and it includes a link to a site which tests the strength of the password. If google fails you, pm me and I'll find my link and post it here for you to check out...


I have been poking around for one for a while (well until mid time last week) and I have found a fairly good working one, it's not in anything yet and it remains in testing because it's not perfect, but take a look here:


You don't need one, but as I know from experience once you have your sights set on something its hard to take them off, especially if its your website.You can make one using JavaScript, just search around Google for it.Alternatively, you can just make an ordinary registration from really easily using PHP, I've made my own Login, Registration and Administration panel really easily, the users can change their password and settings, its so easy to do, or you can just download a pre-made one from almost any download website.Good luck anyway!


Like I said I have a good one going, it leaves calculates the effects of a hacker brute forcing (you can change the rate at the click of a mouse!) the length of the password, the amount of different letters, numbers and symbols used, it's really simple when you look at it! There's just 1 small problem with it, it you press and hold say n, the bar will keep going and it doesn't stop, it just gets bigger!