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Cron Again..

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I've put the following line: /home/falgor/file.phpIs this right? (the file is in the root directory, not on www)


if its in the root just put in file.php


yes, but I can't know what is the problem, because I doesn't receive e-mails with the results... can you fix it? Thx!


so... if i had a file called in daily_purge.php in the public_html/asdasd folders that i would need to run daily at midnight EST, would this be right?:

0 19 * * * WGET /public_html/asdasd/daily_purge.php /dev/null

or would it be this?:

0 19 * * * WGET http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ /dev/null

or should i use GET??? what's the difference between the two O_O? and am i right in assuming that the server's local time is 0 GMT?

please help!

thanx in advance


0 * * * * GET http://yourdomain.com/some_script/cron.php > /dev/null

THe above systax is correct and I have used it myself. Try it out.