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Is This Possible?!? If this is i will love the world.

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So i was wandering...Would it be possible for someone to create a system where you registered, then you made your own page on my site without me creating sub domain's or having them all in just public_html.So you register, you have a page editor and that to help you make your page if you have no idea (with some templates) and then its published in your own folder inside my 'part'. Also it would probably need an admin panel so i could delete any user (obviously content goes when i click delete in file manager in cpanel) when i want (if they abuse the rules). And disable things like PHP or anything else that could screw-up, unless you ask the admin, me.If this is possible please point me in the direction of a script that could do it. I don't know if it would be PHP but this is the first place i came because it revolves around users and th like.Thanks.


Is this possible - YesHow? PHPCan you help me - No sorry I'm learning as well!Basically though I can logically do itYou will need a script that will create a directory in a folder depending on what someone puts in a form.so it will create the directory: yoursite.com/folder with the pages stored (or sub folder)/therepage.htmlYou then will need I way of them editing the page (I suggest custom bbcode to stop hacks), a wysiwyg editor will be best.alternitivly you could do it more like the Xisto profile page with forms people fill in which change their page. The choices are unlimited however making this secure or in fact just making it without above average PHP knowledge will be difficult if you don't know php learn or don't bother!


If you want to make custom pages without using a CMS for your site then you need to know web programming a fair bit. The more complex (more features) the more harder it is to build so if your not too keen on the idea of learning PHP to that extent then you can settle for a CMS like joomla or what ever is out there. I'm going to estimate it would probably take you a few months to learn and build your own site in PHP from scratch so that may give you an idea of how long it can take.


Sounds like a reseller's control account script. You want to automatically create "user" directory upon a sign up. After which this user can have various tools such as web page builder immediately accessible to create a default index page. And all this automatically without admin's manual approval?Yes, there's a PHP based script which can manage user level account creation under a main hosting account. But to let you know that any such application used with Xisto hosting is against AUP.Anyway, you can search on the web and the last I looked at was something called ZDragon or something close to it. What this script does is mimics Reseller's WHM control panel. It allows you to allow or disallow certain hosting features including disk and bandwidth usage quota. If you are looking for such "control" over other accounts the best and reliable way is to get your own reseller's account. With the proper search you can allow hosting service similar to Xisto--automatic hosting account creation as under a subdomain, give cpanel access with set disk/bandwidth quota, access to cgi and other scripts.


Hmmm well yeah thats kinda what i want. But if its against the rules then ahh well, thats what i wanted to know as well, thanks.


Its possible yes, but if your a novice at PHP (like me) then it will take some time!


For example, i'm trying to make my own member system (where the user can register, login change password etc...) at the moment, after 2 days i've managed to get it working with no errors, the users can register, change their password, login and change their settings. You can see it if you like:




If you want the script then i'll happily give it to you, hopefully you can change to suite your needs! just email me.


Good luck; i'm actually hoping to make something similar eventually, making every part on my own and hoping to one day be great at PHP :D