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Throw Me In At The Deepend Of Php

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Basically I've decided to start (properly) to learn php (again). Lots of people have successfully learnt it but being thrown in at the deep end. and I was wondering what I should do and as usual my fist thought was "ask the Xisto community".]So I was wondering if someone on this forum could set me a mini project for me to do. Nothing hugely complicated just doing something which will get me using PHP (and mysql).Hopefully alex(theprogrammer) will help me out if I get stuck!


Alright here are some small projects for you to work on, they start out easy, but get harder:1. Redirect a page with php2. Parse a variable.3. Build a random page title chooser....4. Build a template in php and parse it AROUND the content of a page.5. Create a flat file shoutbox.6. Create a shoutbox with a database.taht should be enough to get your started.. lol


Read the list of files in a directoryList the images from that listDisplay those images as thumbnails with links to a full size imageRead a file of content for a Template system and parse the H2 tags to create the Page title for the page.Build a Spam-proof Contact form with a captcha system.More fuel for the fire... Good luck with the projects.