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Span "display: _____" Problems block vs inline

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Figured out my problem (didn't know you can't assign absolute values to inline elements). Mods please delete this when you get the chance.Thanks.


First reaction:You are trying to force an Inline element (the spans) to do the work of a Block level element (div). Inline-block is not cross-browser compatible, so it will likely present problems.The "list" of links should be a list of some sort. ie: a UL/LI arrangement.The UL is a block level element that can be given height, width and a background image. The Anchor will need to be on the LI for the hover effect in an IE6 and earlier Browser. Declare the Anchor as a Block level element, then use the inline spans for the text only. Actually, you might not need the spans. not sure.Also, for testing purposes, lose the CSS file. bring all of your CSS into the head of the page while you are testing it, and lose the inline styling. Structure the css file so it is readable (stringing it all into one line makes it more difficult to cipher). Drop the absolute references to the background images and links.Use relative references instead.One BIG suggestion, if this is simply too much trouble to convert, keep the table based structure you have in the original page for the Menu system. Yes, I know that isn't exactly the right thing to do, but this is a relatively complex menu structure which is not for the faint of heart or the beginning CSS coder, so that may be the best thing until you develop a working system.


Didn't realize that you had left a comment before I nuked my post.

As you rightly pointed out, I needed to use block level elements instead. I had come to the same conclusion about an hour earlier, but I certainly appreciate your help.

Now I've *almost* gotten everything right. Just one more bug and I should be good. For somereason the 1024 layout is incorrectly displaying one of the images. So close and yet so far away.