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Html Ascii Codes - A Complete List downloadable php file

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I was often frustrated at how, despite there being thousands of ASCII "special characters" such as &8659;, websites that claimed to list them all only listed the first 256. To combat this issue, I have created a table which lists the first 10,001 - from � to &10000; I am sure there are many more but it is simply not feasible to create a table with many more rows as viewing it would put terrific strain on the browser.!


You can download the file in two forms. One uses PHP to dynamically create the table (1KB), the other has it ready-made in pure HTML format (437KB).




Cool stuff...Thanks for that one. It'll come in handy, I'm sure, for all the Web Dev types around here.


That is a lot, but most of them seem really unnecessary, especially the ones that have ?'s. However, I wouldn't doubt that uses this ASCII codes to help parse coding in either software or online web applications.


my god this is such a handy resource to have im fed up of keep having to google every special character etc i need! thanks alot for this!