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Mysql ?

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Deaths Aprentice

Hey there,

I am not posting this to get Xisto's reputation down or anything , but it appears that the MySQL is down again... for more then an hour now...
It's not my forums only that dont work , these dont work aswell : http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ .

I hope its fixed soon , because I was in the middle of typing a ~10 page game review , and I dont wanna lose it all :rolleyes:


my mysql databases aren't working too.. yesterday and today, are you giving service to them o.o? look: http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ and btw why does my domain name transforms to my Xisto name when you click it u_u? it's because is a .NET name?


mySQL is down, I do not know why, anyway, anything that uses mySQL will not work...It should be fixed soon, I think... and as for your review, save it to your pc and use it later...Anyway, everything is working fine for me...


Admin says people are spamming their accounts and excecuting faulty scripts . That is basically the same to what he said.Don't worry your datatbases are not at all deleted even though they may seem so. Now PLEASE stop posting about this situation it is being seen to and explained... i dont think people can stop other people from doing this...it is not trap's fault..the mysql atabases will come back to normal.