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World Of Warcraft Addiction Your view on WoW addiction

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husband addictedWorld Of Warcraft Addiction

my husband is addicted. We have been married 8 yrs now, and I'm about to stop counting. We have 4 children and he hardly knows any of them. He makes excuses to get on the game, or why he NEEDS the game. He refuses to work, and he hardly watches the children. Thankfully his mother is helping us out. But she cant admit that her son has a problem and makes excuses for it as well. I have to keep quiting my jobs to take care of the house and children, or he makes me late so much they fire me, because I cant get him up to watch kids cause he was on the game til 6am. The only thing he does is sleep and play the game. While I was pregnant with the last child I was doing everything even though I was supose to be in bed. When I'm in tears begging for my husband to get off the game and help me vacume a floor because it hurts and I'm in labor. Then its obvious the person is addicted. Even more so when he tells me to wait a min so he can finish a boss, before taking me to the hospital, (which he spent the whole time on the game while in the hospital, I had to make him hold the new baby for 2 min). There is very much so a addiction to games, rather people want to belive it or not. He promises to get better, but never does. He don't want to admit he has a problem, he blames everyone else for everything.


The best way to get yourself out of this game is hack and get banned. That's how I did it at least. I just flew around in the middle of some big city.


Tricknology - Lvl 70 Warlock

Gratz to anyone that manages to enjoy Warcraft without losing vast amounts of time to it.  I was addicted to World of Warcraft for over a year before I managed to tear myself free from the grind.  I still miss it sometimes but I have found things in the outside world that are more fulfilling.  Shoot, I even wrote a short article about it for those that are interested:  How to Break a World of Warcraft Addiction


husband addictWorld Of Warcraft Addiction

hi my name is angel, I have a husband who also plays it alllll day everyday.. Everythime I talk to him he never listens and says he doesnt have a problem.  but when I start to cry thats when he stops. (for a pl days) then its right back to normal. I get irritated because there are girl players on there who spend more time with him then I do during the day. We have 2 children and I get little help (sometimes) from him. I love him I do but it drives me nuts. He was wounded in iraq and says it takes his mind off it but he doesnt realize it takes his mind off of everything, me and his 2 kids. All day everyday is spent in this house. I tried "playing with him.  Doesnt work he says hes to high of a lvl to help me I'm a lvl 8 because I play and take care of the kids hes a lvl 71??? wow is horrible. It started off that he was going to play sometimes when there was nothing else to do or right before bed but now its vice versa he spends time with me when hes not busy on wow. God I hate this game everytime I hope he is slowing down it back fires .

I know what you are going through.



Cute guide :PI've felt this on my own shoulders - it sucks. I'm still playing World of Warcraft, but I no longer pay for it and I play on private servers. Oh, yeah, I play about 2 hours per week now. I've never got to that level of addiction where you totally lose your friends, girlfriend, and everyday activities mostly because I had friends which kept calling me out no matter how many times I declined, and because of my daily sports routine. The problem is, in most cases, when you're addicted, you do not want to stop playing WoW. You find it interesting and you feel like you would do anything just to play the game. You just need to delete the game from your PC and break the game CDs and throw them into you're trash can. Or if you can't do it yourself, if you're hesitating when doing it, tell a friend about it while you're conscious and beg him to delete it for you. End of problem. ;)

Alex Cicala

I play World of Warcraft now and then but I'm not addicted to it. Sometimes when I play for 10 minutes I get bored of it. People that get addicted to this game normally have nothing else to do or go to. They might need WoW for something that gives them comfort.


hi................... i think that it is not go for the people who is studing mainjly in the school because it may affect them which may have negative impact


I think some people play it cause you don't have to be on for a huge chunk of time to get something accomplished. I play wow and I get on most the time for a half hour to do some auctioning and possibly one bg then I get off. Its not a game you need to play alot to have fun. Now people who play for more then 3+ hours every day have a little issue.


I myself have been playing wow now for 2 years although this has been on the on and off due to travel and other comittments, and I do admit that I have an addiction to the game, but it is not the game in its self bt my the others I have met online. I am a bit of an altochlic so have various alts 28 in total on about 5 servers, although 10 of them are in the one server, just beacuse the ppl there are great. The game its self can be deemed as addictive but in my personal option and experence its more the people online rather than the game its self s wow is not a one person game through out at one point you will interact with others. But the other reason why wow can be so addictive could be that the company adapts and responds to the customer suggestions, but all this may change with the next expanision which could make or break the game further


For those of you who have lost friends to vicious "Wow" addiction, you'll find some sympathy below in the form of a YouTube. The news short tries to make a strong analogy between Warcraft addiction and more well-known deadly addictions, such as drugs and alcohol. We even get an "addict's mum" breaking down into tears, bewailing the tragedy of losing her son to WoW.
For those of us who actually know something about the game, this is either hilarious or frightening (in the sense that stuff like this tends to whip the parents and legislators into a bit of coercive frenzy). After all, we've been dealing with these accusations since the days of Pong...Sigh. When will people stop blaming the medium instead of looking at the true cause of these "addict's" problems? I think a good place to start in this case, for instance, isn't WoW, but rather this kid's oddball relationship with his mom!

There are even websites that state how to break this addiction. Here are some tips from various websites

In my opinion, something becomes an addiction when it interferes with the rest of your life. For example, if you don't go to work, clean, or do other things you're supposed to do because you're playing the game, then it's an addiction. However, if you can play the game and manage your life well, then it's not. Instead it's a hobby.

I'll admit, I may be biased because I play World of Warcraft. However, note that I am also a 4.0 student graduating in my second year of college so that I may attend a four-year university. I am in most of my college's organizations and I participate in many of their events. I even have a job as a tutor at that college. I've seen other students that have jobs with fewer hours, an easier and smaller class load, and that don't cook for themselves that don't play WoW and are failing. So games like WoW aren't the only factor. (Personally I believe it's based on how well the child was disciplined when growing up.)

And after all, it's nice to know you can get together with others if you're stuck at home on a rainy/snowy day.

In fact, you can even take friends from life and play these types of games with them. You may plan to go to the beach but then a thunderstorm comes in. As a group, you decide to go on WoW and "run some heroics" or "do a raid" or even "try for some achievements." You'd still be spending time with the same friends just in a manner that the weather would allow.

Another thing I'd like to note deals with psychology. The system has measurable goals, with exact rewards that can be accomplished. Everything is outlined for you so that you can get it done, and you have an enthusiastic group to do it with for awesome in-game rewards. In life, you have to learn to make plans that work, take time to find out if you have the ability to get things done, hope that you can do it alone or get a team to help if needed, and then hope at the end you get the desired result. If the world were more organized and we knew how to make plans to get things done, people would be getting tasks done instead of working on these games for hours at a time. Now to see if we can get the world to start planning piece-by-piece...

(Sorry about the rant! I feel that these "addictions" are looking at a game as the thing to blame and not other factors!)

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