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Ok. I'm an assembly programmer and I've given a shot at Delphi.[until I came across C++ ;)] But there's no real content in thoseforums at all. All I've seen are some posts by remonit -the onesI've seen are interviews or quotes - and one guy talking abouttranslations to Hebrew.Most of the posts were in one day by thesame person around the same time.I'm asking for the removal or change of the assembly and delphiforum because there is not a thing that really contributes to theusers of Xisto and only 4 users have posted there at the timeof writing: me, LuciferStar, remonit, and cyber 9. The forum ispractically unnecessary and useless.


How to...

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How to make frequency counter programming use AT8953


-question by Andriy Gonz


Network component for my game!

Delphi & Assembly Forum


I'm a author of the computer game "Poppy and Rose" which I programmed it in Delphi 6. I think that the game will attract more attention if it is played in a network between two players. But because I'm not professional programmer, and because of my age (I'm 51 year old) I just cannot make that. This is why I need help, and when I mean help I mean a source code of some kind (in Delphi 6) with these segments:

- A segment in which a connection is made between two players that should be in a peer to peer base, but one of them would act like a server and the other will be a client that will connect to the server;

- A segment that will initiate that the two players have the same time;

- A segment in which the two players transfer data between them;

- A segment where is formed a joined table of results.

Can I find a source code with this attributes, maybe from some other simple video game?

Thank you


My e-mail: jblagoj at yahoo.Com



-question by Blagoj