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Ns2.trap17.com Not Working! Please make it work...

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;) I was trying to change the Name Server settings of my .info domain, then I entered the following:Name server 1: ns1.trap17.comName server 2: ns2.trap17.comThen after pressing the submit button, the ns1.trap17.com has ip address but the ns2.trap17.com has none. It says "unavailable". Now, I am I suppose to park it in here, if the name server 2 is not working? ;)


I thought that only .com domains were supported?I might be wrong... Do they support .co.uk? I dunno... That would be great for me though... lol


I think you should talk to OpaQue about that Karlo. PM OpaQue. I believe he will be able to do something about the NS problem.


Don't PM Admin a.k.a OpaQue he is REALLY busy.. PM the other admin's like Wassie or Zenchi etc...as I said he is busy ...Maybe you should do the other way with the IP address


It always works with me, for .info and .net (try http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ or http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/)


Please do report this to the Admin. I can't modify the settings until the NS2.TRAP17.COM is working! ;)