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Mr. Cheeky

How does this template look so far?.. i just need some comments/ratings


Posted Image


EDIT: UPDATED! i didnt like the blue so i went to a red.. i think it looks much better so far


Ouch.. it was a great template, i like those great blue graphic.I rate it 8 out of 10.Is it complete yet? well, however, there are many designer that work in such great design. This template design actually is boring, i've seen this style many times. you need more creative idea to made something that nobody ever think to make. Well... the blue graphic above, i should admit it.. cool ,am

Mr. Cheeky

yeah i know this type of layout is overdone but its just the trend right now and ive decided to go along with it ;)


9/10 Mr. Cheeky!! I love your templates man...he is really nice and had sent me some templates in the past. Mr. Cheeky is the man!! lol. **deep breath, calm down** THIS TEMPLATE ROCKS!! Great design for your new template selling group =)

Mr. Cheeky

thanks for the comments bro ;) i just posted the updated one now..


Whoa cool.... it is better cheeky.. i can't make it while i'm 16. I give it 9.5/10, nothing perfect kid. It's still not unique. i hope your host requested be applied soon... and you should promise to create tutorial for the graphic you made. You're talented bro...


Yea, i love it, 9/10!I like making templted, but I cant do graphics! ;)


Very nice work, would be 10/10 in my opinion if wasn't red layout so I give you 9/10. ;)

Mr. Cheeky

thanks for the comments guys.. its too bad you dont like the red. i had blue but after i tried red, it looked MUCH better.. blue made it look too "soft" and red makes it look kinda extreme and chaotic.. im not really good at web designing so i want to be either a dentist or doctor when im older and maybe sell templates online to bring in extra cash.. big dreams for a 16 year old dont ya think? lolif you want a template .psd file for photoshop (custom made) - $20if you want a template made fully sliced and coded - $30if you just want a template sliced and coded - $10


Mr. Cheeky.. 9/10!you need to add some colors beside the red, and do something down..


Wow...I like that..Red is my favorite color. So I give this template a 9.5/10


red > bluelookin good


Yeh it's good. REALLY good.But I have to say this , sorry, there are s many other layouts like this one its not really original.But it's absolutely EXCELLENT.... 9.5/10


that looks real nice m8!the banner is great! you might wanna ad some sort of bar effect at the bottom of the page as well tho

Mr. Cheeky

thanks for the comments everyone.. ill probably be adding a bar to the bottom but i just got my hosting thanks to Xisto** ;) so ive been working on my forums lately and getting my portal set up with stuff like an arcade and everything.. i might even add hover buttons to this template if they look good.. i might make it so that if u rollover a link, it makes it shine or sumthin i duno yet


Hey man, good job on that skin.I really like that orangy look. In fact, my uncle has a Crystler that color. ;)