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First 468x60 Contribution

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hope you all like it:


Posted Image


here's another version - with more stats:


Posted Image


i tried to go for the 'icy tech' feel :D


'icy tech' cool! :D some feature details (even in small text above Free, Professional Hosting) can be helpful and can attract more clicks when banner is used. :D how about doing some 'fiery tech' hot colors? :D just a thought. :D


wow wow WOW that is excellent... :D I can never make good banners they make me nervous lmao... o.OI really like the background it's like sort of ... high tech sort of thing and very professional


thx for the comments, i've added another version which has more details about the hosting


I love em, mostly the 2nd one... coz of the info.Realy like em.... You have just inspired me to make more...