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Does The Moon Have Any Influence Over Us?

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Very interesting thoughts. I am not really sure what to believe. I mean I don't doubt that it could have an effect on us but I might need a bit of proof. I ought to see if I feel any different when the moon is full but I probably shouldn't study myself. It'd be interesting to see just how it affects you. I would also like to know how it affects you like does it play with your blood pressure and change the nerves in your brain?

amit nigam

hello friends,quiet surprised to see not many replies in this very interesting topic.... i was expecting a lot more than what we have seen till now...after reading the posts in this topic, i feel bound to have a change of opinion... first i would like to tell you that what was my opinion in the start... i was of the view that moon can not have any effect on us.... but due to the posts and some research on internet, i feel that maybe it can have some effect.... because i have gone through some articles in which it was given that at some places there were more accidents on full moon day than normal... in mental asylums at some places it was reported that the fellows behave in a much more odd way during full moon...but the point that remains is, that if something of that sort happens, then do we have any scientific explanation for that???ok bye friends... keep thinking...


some research on internet

Do tell me about this research and its sources. Yahoo! Answers is the only thing I came up with :P .

but the point that remains is, that if something of that sort happens, then do we have any scientific explanation for that???

Yes, it's called probability.
Edit: I've checked out this site http://innerself.com/content/self-help/personal-growth/astrology/moonlunar/4462-full-moon-a-human-behavior.html and Googled its "reports" and I haven't found exact results (note that I don't have the time to check every single report in this article). If anybody can provide me with anything that's actually credible, I'll be glad to look it over.


Actually the moon does make a difference on our lives. When there is a full moon it affects the water in your ears and thats whypeople think that people are crazy on full moons. I think there could be werewolvesalso.(JK) But the moon does have an effect on our lives. Also just seeing the moon affects my life i just like looking at it its just so wonderful.

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