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Free Image Hosting Service need help

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Can someone recommend a website that offers image hosting service to serve up signatures, etc... images for forums and will also send the link for my uploaded image to my email address? :D



Go to imageshack and upload an image. It will give you the address for the image in a bunch of different formats. The unique thing about imageshack is that you don't have to register! The image stays on the server forever.


Just in case imageshack doesnt work, you can try IOwnJoo Image hosting, and if you put a link on your site, they will also upgrade your account.
Good Luck!


if that doesn't work look here:
you can find 1000 free image hosters there...


based on your requirements, http://www.uploadhut.com/rg-erdr.php?_rpo=t is what you're looking for. no registration needed, and you can send the set of links generated to your email after you upload your image. :D it's what i use, since i also need to have a copy of the image links handy via email. :D