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Shout Box how do u??

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how do u put a shout box in a site. i need a pre made one bc it would take foreva for me to make it lol thx jon


For 2.0: http://mods.invisionize.com/db/index.php/f/3305

If you need another version, check http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/. You have to register to download.


If you want just a simple shout box
This is the best i've seen really customizable.
After you change everything to what you need, just copy they code they give you and paste in the part of the site you would like it to appear


Try using Shout Pro, you can also set it to look like your website.


I'm using it at my site.



Down load your own but it wont be of any good because it can let all users use it. EASY to edit...already made for you http://luved.org/ They also ofer other small scripts. But the shout box is not very professional but it's cool and your hosting it.Oh can you like use proper english. As in YOU not U sorry. Some people may not know how to read it. [dont know who though]