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My Theory Of The Universe/space/galaxy/everything Somewhat based on a Simpsons episode lol

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Um, but those theories are taken from weird movies that only think about getting viewers. Scientific TV program (like doctor who or stargate) are more reliable sources of theories.

Take Doctor who for example, who says that everything is all happening at the same time even though time itself does not exist.

every decision we make creates a different parallel universe, so if i were to accidentally type accidentally wrong then that would have created a universe.

In between universes is the place called the void. People that program know that void means nothing, so in the void there is 100% vacuum, no particles, no color, no shades so thats why nobody knows what the void looks like.

To people we might actually be living on their quark and them living on another specie's quark. We won't know until we can use FTL travel or build quantum network tunnels like the ones from Supreme commander or Stargate

TV shows are never a good place to extract scientific information. For example, Star Trek bases itself on many scientific theories, but it itself comes into fallacies. Transporters cannot exist because of Heisenburg's Theory of Uncertainty. The "Warp bubble" that allows the Enterprise to travel past the speed of light would require more energy to maintain than the output we could get from contained antimatter-matter reactions that occur in the Warp nacelles, and this was probably the most plausible scientific theory from any TV show for interstellar travel that has been in part actually explained, next to the wormhole.


Alternate dimensions/universes have never been proven to exist. Physics allows for them to exist but they have never been proven to exist, and we don't have a theory of Quantum Gravity yet so we don't really know if black holes could transport us to these dimensions spaghettified.



I have always had a theory on what is outside the universe where we have never been and telescopes cannot see. I actually saw a variation of this in the beginning intro to a Simpsons episode where they zoomed out until you could see all of the galaxies and then kept zooming out until there were lots of galaxies and that turned into molecules which turned back into Homers forhead where at that point he says "woahhhh" in a stupid sort of way which makes me laugh.

Hmmmm you saw this on the Simpsons. . . wow should I even bother reading this?


My Theory:

We don't know whats smaller than a quork (think i spelled that wrong) and we do not know whats larger than a galaxy. So my theory is that if we zoom out passed all of the galaxies the galaxies become the next smallest thing to quorks which as you continue to zoom out you see molecules and so on until it forms a shape which could be anything since everything is made of atoms (except light... and energy..). This works the same way vice versa where if you zoom in you start seeing things that resemble galaxies if you zoom in and eventually you start seeing universes and more detailed things such as other worlds.

Ummm, yes we do. There is only one universe as far as man knows. (Hince the term UNIverse.)


So can you explain to me something? Do I have little people floating around inside of me? Do I have planets, stars, and nebulas in my body? Didn't think so. . .


If you didn't understand this brief explanation of the universe don't feel stupid because this is one of the hardest things to explain and this is just my theory which could be completely wrong but since we don't know all we can read about is the theories.

I like the disclaimer "If you don't understand this, don't feel stupid." . . . :)


WOW I love this topic and discussion...everyone has put through some really good veiws.Quite a long time ago I did 1st and 2nd year uni studies in Computer science. One subject I studied was called basic maths A.I found it a very difficult subject and I failed and then quite the course. This maths subject was about a form of math the was used to discribe multi-dimensional space, and was called Linear Algebra using Matrices and Vectors.This form of math is nowadays most commonly used to calculate complex math for the reproduction of 3D images on 2D computer screens, like most good games and CAD/CAM/CAE software.The reason I found the subject so difficult was not because I had trouble understanding or visualising 3D, 4D spaces or concepts, but rather that I found it impossible to visualise or understand a level of dimensions up the nth dimension and beyound. And that is the type of calculation it is used for.The lecturer for the subject made this statement in one class "As a pure mathematician I can discribe any three dimensional object using Linear Algrebra". It blew my mind and I said to myself "woahhhh".Since then I have done other uni studies in science and really enjoyed chemistry and physics. In chemistry their are a number of very intimate bonds that exist between components of each of the molecules that make up the "compound"I think that Quantum physics and the string theory together may lead us to understand the delicate balance that exists between "Sub-Quark" (thats my term for it) particles, although I would not be suprised if this relationship is one based on pure energy rather than matter. And I think that is very exciting.I also agree that "Time" is a concept man uses to discribe the rate of change for all things. Everything changes, it helps to realise the rate of change for the object we happen to be studying.Many years ago while scientists where trying to prove their theory of the existance of the Quark, they can to realise an important fact of nature and the nature of the universe. At the time they tried to track the movement of the Quark and predict where and when it would be at a certain place so that they could "Capture" evidence of it's existance. What they discovered was that it was never where they predicted, and infact the harder the tried to find it the more difficult it was to "capture".I think this principle is now well documented. It has also been in at least one of the Stargate episodes :)I think that once we understand the energy component of matter then we will find a new direction and new technologies for it.Have any of you heard of "The Secret"? It has apparently been used by successful people for centuries, and an explaination is now available on DVD.Basiclly it says that if you truly want something for your future then you should put your dream/desires out to the universe. In reply the universe will put events into play in your life that will lead you to that result sometime in the future, even if you don't realise it is happening.I think our perception has a very big role in what we are able to understand. If we try to learn something new we need to take on a new perception of things. Any new discovery demands this.Success in most things requires 2 basic things of us, burning desire and persistance.I had an experience a few years ago that supported my belief that we exist here in a part of space that is multi dimensional.It is always easy to think of the multi dimensional space being out there somewhere, out in space. But if that principle exists out there, then it also exists here too.One night I woke from a restful sleep to hear the sound of shuffling feet, it was a warm night and I was sleeping on the sofa bed. When I sat up to try to find the source of the noise I saw three(3) opaque ghostly human type figures wondering through my house! They disappeared like wispy clouds on a breezy day.And yes, I may have been still dreaming, but thats what I saw.If we are to travel from one place in the universe to another place many light years away, then clearly we have to find a way to take time out of the equation. Folding space is not a new concept but maybe there is another way.And if humans are to travel in this way then clearly we need to take acceleration out of the equation also, at least the the duration of the journey in this way. No-one could survive that type of acceleration and deceleration.Maybe de-materialisation and re-intergration will be the key to traveling long distances like these, maybe not.But I think projects like the Human Genome project, Dark Matter project (underground test facility), Quantum Theory and String Theory will all play a major roll in unfolding the secrets we will need to enter the next leap in Human discovery.Love your work :)






Nice Discussion! I want to contribute as well; I would like to discuss "Reality", What is reality? Consider an island, people living on it, completely isolated from the rest of the world. They have been developing their culture in such a way that they think, the color of leaves of trees is black, and they take it to be black rather than green which is a reality for all of us. What happen when we come in contact of them or vice versa. We are into conflicts of each other, so does the reality change? Not at all! Leaves of trees remain of the color they are! All that changes is our frame of reality or rather Relativity. We are human beings, (*person*-Sapiens to be precise!) and in the past 2000 years we have evolved in a continuous manner, forming current form of our culture. We have advanced a lot when we compare to similar human civilizations which evolved on this earth during our known knowledge of time. Technologically, scientifically, culturally and in any other way we can think of- We have an observatory science which works as per the Newtonian frame of reference, and all that we see or observe is according to the perceptions we have developed during our evolution. With the rate of our growth as calculated above, we need around 2500 years to travel an light year with the highest speed we have. So till the time someone from the space comes to travel us back in the time, or we have a miraculous scientific break through technology invented, we will have a narrower stage of our vision which we have.One thing which is just evident, most of us have a similar view, that we are in nescent phase of existance of civilization, lets hope for better!So What we see as our reality, is a local and temporary phenomena. Everything keeps on changing as we evolve.


even though the simpsons are pretty much stupid the developers of the show actually taught you something there huh?

in one of my years of college one of the teachers told us that everything was made of atoms. so as i could see your theory as relevant it is lacking in somewhat knowledge. here is the cycle of well the universe:



milky way(galaxy)

cluster of galaxies

more clusters

other stuff,(lol)


everything got created by the thing scientists call the big bang

whheee,big bang bada boom bang and everything was created! :P:D


I guess what your saying is it's all cyclical and circles backto itself so to speak.It makes sense since nature by itselfis cyclical.It's possible.though pretty general.


Ok, now listen to my theory. It's more like a few 'stupid' thoughts, but it does makes some sense.Everything is made by atoms, and it's endless. It's like you are zooming in and you'll see a lot of different planets in one molecule(few atoms=few planets). Then again, you zoom in and the people(subjects, anything) in the planet(atom) are also made by atoms. And those atoms are planets too. And everything is predicted, when we push a button of the keyboard, galaxies(or planets) are diing. But their time isn't like ours. One second of ours is like a million of their years. And while things are happening around us(in the space), somebody might just be moving their finger-very slowly for us. And it's endless, or it's just repeating the same thing over and over again. And our Solar System is actually an atom with electrons around it(the planets). That's another thought. And since no theory is proven, why we shouldn't believe in this one? It's sure a fun thing, to fresh us up a little. And now here are a few questions:-Who created the universe?-Who created the one who created the universe?-Is there really a life outside ours(money, noise, jobs-you get the picture)?-Or we should just stay 'cool'(without any knowledge) and see only what we can?-Something can come out of... nothing? -How?-Why we keep wondering, it sure won't be discovered while we are alive. And if there's paradise, hell, God, or something, we should discover that once we die-don't we? Or our souls will just be lost and time(whatever that is) will keep moving on and we'll just disappear-which is something I don't want to believe, but what's the point in staying 'immortal' if you have nothing to look forward for?


These are all pretty interesting views, and some are more believable than others(obviously) but really we do not know what is and what is not true.I do not really have much of a view on the subject, being that there is no solid proof one way or the other.So for me, I just hope that at some point in time we end up finding out the truth.Any of you want to hold bets as to what view of yours is possibly correct?:DFor me, I guess the best I could do is relate everything to religion. There is a god(God) and he is the one that does everything, made everything, etc. But aside from that, I really do not know what else to say, nor what to think.

Alex Cicala

Try to analyze this.
Humans :

Noobs trying to solve their existence through their basic science based on number of assumptions.
Their Science is entirely based on their *OWN* senses. (eyes, nose, ears etc.)

Smallest particle matter :

You go on zooming over any particle. You finally land up with Atoms which contain nucleus and electrons revolving around it.
You zoom in even further, you find that that the sub-atomic particles can be further classified. You see mesons rotating inside the nucleus and I don't think in present day, Humans have the technology to go past this limit.

Anyways, my point is, you go in deeper inside matter and you see particles getting differentiated into even more fundamental objects.

Lets Zoom Out now :

In early days, humans discovered that moon rotates around Earth.
Then, Earth around sun with other planets.
Then Solar system itself rotating inside the galaxy and the galaxy iteself is also rotating.
Even after defining the largest possible body (Universe), they still say its ever expanding, moving and rotating.

I hope, you get what I have to say. Its a never ending loop until you find nothing zooming in further, or you will become infinitesimally small zooming out.

I even don't agree with the CONCEPT of life which is defined by Humans saying that it requires X chemicals to be active.

When life itself is a mystery beyond science, how can they define it and prove its existence on other planets. Life is something I define as a light which brings life in non-living (defined by us) things. In this case, Life is possible on moon, mars, sun or anything.

If I bring every chemical present in a human cell and somehow manage to re-construct it. Where is the guarantee that it will become alive and start growing ?

The only thing possible till date is cloning in which, everything starts with a living cell. :-)

Nice info....

Another idea, which is fact currently. Look into the sky long enough you'll be looking into the past. Distant starlight and the time it takes to get here is than calculated in years. [this is as simple as Sol [our sun] which is currently 8 light minutes away from earth, which is simple as saying look into the sun. "ur looking 8 minutes into the past". I believe the Universe we live in is theorized as 14.4 billion years and our solar system as 4.5 billion with a predicted 5.5 billion yrs to go :D hehe.....

But if we were to keep looking.... What would we find?

Just take this statement...... "When you look into the sky your looking into the past"


I have thought about it and I, too, also think that we are actually a part of a atom. As you can see, electrons revolve around the nucleus - the protons and neutrons. This is just like the solar system. Like the planets are electrons and the sun is the nucleus.That's what I think at least...


Ever seen Men in Black? In it, a universe is contained in a marble that hangs on a cat's collar. In another instance, a door is opened and it turns out to be a small locker in a gigantic-other worldly locker room. So of course, size is relative. What exists past galaxys, if we were to fly past them? Nothing. The Big Bang Theory shows that all matter was once contained in a very dense ball the size of a penpoint. Time passed and it exploded sending out all the matter that now makes up us, the planets, and the stars. The matter is still expanding from that center point, we can see everything on the other side of the universe moving away from us and those on this side moving towards us. In fact, there is a galaxy heading straight for us as we speak, it will envelop us one day.

Yeah I thought of Men In Black as well. I enjoy thinking about this kind of thing. I thought of basically the same thing as the Homer Simpson clip, or maybe I didn't think of it. Maybe I saw the clip and don't remember seeing it, but the idea stuck in my mind. Either way, I like to say I thought of it myself :) . I have actually wanted to make an animation of this for a long time. Stupid media always taking my good ideas :P . Thanks to salamangkero for the link. I found the video very interesting. In fact, I liked it so much I would like to re-post the link: The Tenth Demention. Well I'll post again later if I do ever get around to making that animation.

P.S. I don't necessarily believe this. I don't know what I believe. I just find it interesting and fun to contemplate on.

P.P.S. Can someone post a link to the Homer Simpson clip?

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