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Rate This ps brushin and lighting

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was workin on sum brushin in ps and sum lighting:

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Wow... that's great... though I like first more... FinalDark is it? :(


Wow... It looks pretty good. Photoshop?


very very cool finaldark i like it, i just made this, tell me what u think??

Posted Image


Wow... It looks pretty good.  Photoshop?


ya ps


It's okay, I've seen better, I'd rate a 6.5/10. Mainly, because there isn't really anything going on in the sig, nothing exciting.


yea.. it's OKAY, the brush doesn't look that good - it's a bit plain.. :D


Yes the brushes are good but you sort of have to learn how to actually match the text on it to the pattern...because some font's don't go with other types of backgrounds....it has to match ??Well anyways good brush texture used in the sig....but VERY common


Well...I like it, because I'm not too picky. It just plain looks cool, even if it's not 'complex' or anything. Although the font doesn't quite meld on it...that's my only complaint. :rolleyes: