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Question Regarding Trap 17. ANSWER PLEASE

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I am thinking of trying to get hosting from Trap 17. I hear that they are great hosts yet, I have a question regarding the message boards. Two questions rather;[ol]1) Is there a Currency feature? So that users could earn a fake currency and use it to get special abilities/items from a [insert Currency name here] Shop?2) Is there a Mark for Moderation (Report this Post) feature? So that when a user breaks your ToS, another user can "mark" the message which will be in some sort of queve on a moderator/administrator's screen? That would be awesome.


Darn! I am so dumb! I didn't notice it at the bottom. Well, if I reported a message.. Where would my report go? To a Moderator or Administrator or on some secret board?


it goes to all admins/mods