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Should We Keep This Skin? just because.. no this isnt a complaint

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I am only asking this because it seems that this place is running smoothly and actually loading faster for me because of this new skin. I like the layout and I think the controls are awesome and easy to find. Posts and new topics are easier to read for me and I am only using basic Internet Explorer so I assume that anyone else using any other browser shouldn't be having problems.


Why can there not be LOAD sof sknis for us to choose from multi coloured so we could choose it according to our personalities and likes,...


Site layout is ok but maybe just allow one to choose a different colour scheme.Some people spend lots of time on the site. It will make these people ;) feel at home.We are here so long it is like a second home. ;). Just a suggestion.Keep up the good work guys.

Generic Badass

Layout is fine, but I think the colors and stuff or a little bland. There the same as way too many forums I've seen. Make it like Black and Red to make it look absolutely awesome. That would be very, very cool looking. Check around and compare them to other forums and stuff, would be kool...

Mr. Cheeky

i think the site layout is great as well.. the colours are nice and its easy on the eyes. the only things i dont like are all of the subforums, i think there are too many and the site should be more organized. this is just my opinion, when i first joined it was really hard for me to look through all the forums and everything but now im used to it so its fine