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Aliens Or Ancestors Or Some Kind Of God

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I really think that there are other life forms in our universe. Life on earth is like a huge puzzle and we will probably never finish solving it. There are lots of unexplained things like the pyramids and I really think that humans back then had help from someone else, but if they did how come there has never been any trace of the "others"? What is it with pyramids and people back in the bc era?


Aliens Or Ancestors Or Some Kind Of God Aliens Or Ancestors Or Some Kind Of God

 we do have certain mysteries today which might link to aliens...Area 51,and biggest of all...The bermuda triangle...As far as ancient texts are concerned...Indian texts have many references of advanced civilization...Pushpak viman,surgery and operation at time of mahabharata...It seems strange though how these knowledge have completly vanished as well as the civilizations like mayans,egyptian and probably the indian too

-reply by saurab



I must say that you have touched a great topic. Well you are not the only one that thinks that aliens exist. Space is unlimited why do human feel so lucky and can't think of other lives! I don't believe in god but i believe in this theory that time after time heavenly creatures or unseen powers come upon earth and take over a particular civilization. For example they came to the Egyptians and helped them build the pyramids. Maybe they did it for the personal motives and may there be some proofs deep below the pyramids. Proofs of their existence and rule. Maybe they are there and watching , just waiting for the right time. Maybe they come themselves maybe they take over mentally on a civilization. Maybe they enslave us for their personal resources. All these things have fantasized me since my childhood and hope there is a movie or something which relates to all this stuff. If you see 10,000 BC the movie, you can relate something. The godly human which makes people do all this can be actually a alien in disguise or maybe spirits would have taken over him to enslave a whole country.Just think a whole night can pass. Possibilities are unlimited for sure.


It gets even more weird. Not only is there an incredibly vast amount of space that be know nothing about, string theorists are also researching the possibilities of multiple universes. Universes possibly exactly like ours, or just as possibly so different that we couldn't even imagine what it could be like because it would be governed by completely different sets of physical laws. String theory can't be proven yet, though it's a promising, fascinating and very mind boggling theory. I have always believed there is a huge chance there is non-terrestrial life on other plants but imagining people in other dimensions is something I haven't though about too much.When you think about it, there really isn't much about our existence that isn't completely hard to understand. I mean, where the heck did we come from? What is the universe? It's amazing that we live our lives on our tiny planet, thinking that this is life. That this is what it means to exist. Even the most inquisitive people are still accustomed to the idea that Earth is the only thing other there. We all know we're just little things in a massive universe, yet we don't really bring it into our consciousness much. Like when someone traverses the world, it's a big accomplishment. In reality, taking in the entire perspective of everything it's like walking to the bathroom being called a great achievement. Then when you stop to think, that we're just a speck in the universe, like a grain of sand in a desert, and the total perspective of things sinks in, it's like, Whooosh. Brain overloard.I think I can sum everything up rather well in one question - "What the hell is going on?".


I do believe there are other life forms somewhere other than earth. Why not? But I don't really believe that we have already made contact. All those Daniken crap is not only utter hogwash but also extremely disrespectful to the astounding effort and creativity of our ancestors. C'mon, let's be serious, a being that has traveled light years to be here, first thing it'd do is to announce itself. There are too many similarities between UFO and ghost stories. Why should an alien being present itself only to weed addled conspiracy theorists, in the middle of the night and in the remotest locations?


I think whom v call God is neither alien nor human they are very advanced race,in old hindu stories u could find vimanas( flying machines) super natural weapons which sounded like thunder, they had the ultimate knowledge they did fix an elephant head on to a human.

still they wanted us humans to look after the planet it was their great effort to protect the earth as well as they commanded humans not to fall in the false traps of the maya which is indulging in gambling ,drinking, womanising, taking non- veg. Food, taking drugs & prohibited substances which would tamper our body & which would decrease our powers as a result our forth coming generation would find it very difficult to connect to the Super humans ( gods),


I have to say yes because we found black holes witch we think lead to other galixies. If we could keep going though black holes there has to be space where there is life. I mean but what is weird as we can't see that far only to the planet a little farther then pluto. So there could be life in the milkyway. We just havn't found them and they havn't found us. It could be alien looking life or humanish life. If it is a robot it might as well be life. The only thing i don't know is if there be more advanced then us.

I think you don't really understand what a black hole is, it's not the shape of a flat disc or like a portal. It's a sphere just like a planet only the matter is so dense and compressed that gravity is even strong enough to pull down ligt as if it was a falling apple.

Also gravity slows time, and with black hole it reaches such a peak that time stops at it's surface ( whatever the &@$# that might look like ) it's not something you dive into with your space ship. Once you can't be seen anymore you can't go back cause nothing is faster then the speed of light.

Another thing, peolple talk about the great distance problem, there is another thing that slow time like gravity and that is speed, ( it is thought that the reason light never stops traveling is because it's in a state of time stop ) if could reach light speed you might take 300 years to reach your destination (300 lightyears away ) but for you it would have felt like seconds, and even better you're not even 300 years older on the other hand, you're friends and family you left behind on earth have.

It's all very complex for us to grasp at this moment in time, even Einstein who someone said earlier was just a simple man who had luck with his formula. So maybe yes the piramids were made with luck, but you gotta admit, we can't copy what they did with machines and elecktricity and calculators. So however it was done it's very very impressive.


It saddens me how some people could actually think that we are the only life here in space. There is just too much out there and its only a matter of time before we find other life besides us, or they find us. Personally I think we have had alien activity here on Earth. I don't think that the UFO sightings are government related. Its just creepy to think because you here of all the movies and stuff depict that when we have an alien encounter they just want to kill us or take us over. I think if there is a species advanced enough for space travel long distances that they wouldn't come here searching to just take us over.


I think I can sum everything up rather well in one question - "What the hell is going on?".

I totally agree.

And indeed we should all be thankfull we have the ability to asks ourselfs these things.


I answered with Yes 'cause I'm not sure but maybe it can happen that other life exists in another planets, maybe not so intelligent like us but living organism. About the pyramid thing: I saw a documentary of this topic and it was very interesting but confusing too 'cause everyone has his own theory, however we know that Egypt had a lot of slaves so maybe if they all were organized maybe the could build them, and maybe they had good architects and were are not written papers 'cause of wars or something, I'm not sure but it's hard to believe that Aliens did build the Pyramids because if it was so why aren't they coming bake to visit us. Our Art professor at school told as that Mesopotamia people believed that Aliens were here on Earth but are not coming back because we didn't welcome them like they deserve it. :SHowever interesting topic.


We can't expect contact from alien life forms for quite a while. If they do exist, chances are that they'll be lightyears away. If they're advanced enough, they'll look up at Earth and see the light from prehistoric times. Our radio waves, if they ever reach there, won't be in contact with them for at least a few thousand, or even million, years.


The Universe is so huge and so old that it is utterly ludicrous to assume that the only place where life exists is here. I'm not saying it's impossible, just highly unlikely given what we know about sheer numbers of stars , planets and different life forms. The whole argument has flipped, it used to be that 'maybe' there is more life out there now it is 'maybe' - even more of a 'maybe' we are the only life in the universe. Personally I just cannot accept that life only developed on one speck of dust in an infinite desert. The laws of physics maths and chemistry are the same throughout the universe so evolution definitely happened somewhere else too. In some places they are more advanced and in other places they are less. There are different forms of advancement too. I say there are hundreds of thousands if not millions of life bearing planets out there.So people say 'why havent they contacted us?' What if they have? Just because it's not on CNN doesn't mean things aren't happening. Anyway, I'm not trying to convince anyone. Things are what they are.


So people say 'why havent they contacted us?' What if they have? Just because it's not on CNN doesn't mean things aren't happening.

Ya, I agree with you. Why should they even try to attempt to contact us. They could be like us, "blissful" in the thoughts that they are the only one in the universe. Or maybe they did like we do, but like two radios on different frequency, we can't never tuned in to each other.

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I'm not going to pretend I read the entire topic, because I haven't. Posted ImagePosted Image


However, after reading the first couple of posts I realised this is a rather interesting idea (possibility, innovation, theory) to work with.


For one, I must say I don't think a God (let's face it, no one really knows for sure - just believes) has made our entire planet. The simple idea of one creature that could've made us all simply sounds silly to me. I somehow remember that the ancient Romans were the first to introduce that idea of a "higher being" to their people - simply because they wanted them to obey their orders and not act greedy and "immoral" (the word had a slightly different meaning back then, I believe).


That's why God seems like a great concept. You know, people not getting depressed about the ending of life and that type of stuff.


I also think we need something to believe in, and that's why religion ("Opium for the masses") is so "popular", so to speak. Again, when things are ruff and heavy you can't just feel sad all the time. Just the psychological feeling everything's going to be all right makes us feel better - the power of mind, right?


The next interesting thing we probably would like to investigate is outer-space life.


And, one thing bothers me a lot about that - why the hell does everyone always think aliens look like TV showed them?! Hell, if no one saw them - how can we know how do they look like? Why can't they look like us, with two hands and legs, with "real" problems and a normal language?


I don't necessarily say they speak English - that's a huge long-shot. But, if they exist, chances are they have some sort of language and communication. Maybe they're a couple of (thousand?) years behind us, maybe they're ahead... Who knows?


Although sometimes these "conspiracy theories" concerning aliens (i.e. the government doesn't tell us about them) really sound silly to me, there is a truth lying somewhere in there.


Because, looking back at my ideas about God - well, outer life practically shuts down our hopes, huh? And the leading people of the world don't want that.


If we were raised like we were "special", an outer world will practically tell us the opposite. There might be another God, or there might be no God. Again, nobody knows and nobody probably will for another couple of (hundred?) years.


Finally, the ancient Egyptians weren't stupid, you know? The pyramids actually are build pretty logically, because of their triangle shape which, obviously, makes them harder to crash. I don't know that much about history that goes as far as that, but in my opinion we (people) are just too egocentric to accept the fact that the Egyptians could've known more than us. How else to explain our wandering when we think about them building the pyramids without our technology, and with their "primitive" tools?

I guess that where I'm going with this entire text is that the theories for our past (and future, for that matter) are countless. And, as many other things, we can't explain, accept nor deny them. We can only believe in them.

I know many won't agree with my thoughts (and that some of them might have already been said in this topic), but that's simply my opinion.

Maybe you don't disagree with my opinion, but I disagree with yours, right? Posted Image