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!man Died Choking Over Tea! Man Died Choking over Tea

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The Title says it all!!


Yesterday that is 17mins ago ;) (It is 12:16am) I heard the news on radio. That a man died over a cup of tea. He drowned over it..I was thinking drowned..How??. Then well i ended up looking in the dictionary of what drown means. You drown if water goes into your lungs...and seems tea went into the lungs of this man, and he died. I thought this was interisting so i posted a new topic.




Are you kidding me or were you dreaming in the middle of the night. Now what kind of an idiot would 'drown' himself in tea if 'drown' does have the meaning you said it does. I mean like how the guy manage to get tea in his lungs. As crazy as it sounds I' interested in the details. So enlighten me with more details man!


freesoul: what about a throat malfunction? I'm pretty sure it happened to you before that you were eating and drinking smething and suddenly had to choke 'cause your food's gone down the wrong lane. Now imagine what would happen if for some reason the choke-reflex does not kick in and you simply feel how something's stuck in your air tube?well, there are actually two kinds of drowning, wet and dry drowning (though it's more a technical issue since you'll die anyway): When there's some liquid (e.g. water, tea) in your lungs it's called wet drowning and when your throat closes the air tube because there's something which would get into your lungs if you'd start breathing [mostly liquids; it's usually possible to breathe when there's some solid stuff around, as long as you don't swallow - but during swallowing, your air tube's closed anyway] it's called dry drowning. An interesting fact about dry drowning: A couple of seconds before you finally die, your body releases endorphines so technically seen you die happy - but don't try this at home, you'll be unconscious before this happens so even if you realize that you've got to get breathing again you wouldn't be able to do so...


That's a rather odd story, but do you have a link? I know you said you heard it on the radio (in March), but is there an online report available?


He died over tea! Bet that is a lawsuit ;) Wow, didn't know you could drown over a cup. I don't think you can. It usually takes a lot of liquid in there. With a cup, the lungs could still function and take in air because there is still space. I mean, he may get short of breath, and cough a lot, but you could get it out. Strange. It would be great if you could get a link. That seems like a suspicious death to me.


He died over tea!  Bet that is a lawsuit ;) 


Lol his family might look in the cuboard to see who makes the teabags..and attempt to sue them.

LOL , he must have been playing around or somthing..like gurgling it then somthing happaned..because i cant imagine somone peacfully drinking tea then they suddenly collapse ;) .


Wow. That is pretty scary. I think I have heard a bout this somewhere before. Not this story exactly but something like it. It is possible (obviously if it happened) but drowning doesn't really mean that you have to be underwater. Maybe he was breathing in and sucked in tea at the same time. I don't really know the whole details but it could be the reason. Makes you think how the smallest thing could kill you. Even a daily cup of tea. Pretty wierd.

Nani Cheri

Wooowww, that cup must have been like a pool I mean, drowning is a whole other thing than you know, like chokin in your coke orsomething... I have that 1000 times, but you drowning? Must have been a huge cup of tea!!!!


I think they used the word "drowned" to get people's attention. The man clearly choked on tea, and it got in his lungs. What I want to know is how old was this man, did he have something wrong with his throat or gag reflex for him to not realize it was going down the wrong tube, where was he (in the hospital or by himself)? I mean there are a lot of factors to consider. That being said, can we have a link? ;)


yeah it was funny when i first heard it, so i asked my science teacher, she is the one who told me what drowing means. Like brain less (Yeah right "brain less" should change that to "brainfull or something) yeah like brainless said, seems his throat malfunctioned. About the online link: I have searched but cant find any, If it helps you guys He lived in a farm near a town called Moree. More details: More, State: NSW: Australia. That person what 68..so he was going to die some day or another. But yeah that is sad thoug ;)


i thought that he was so obsessed with tea, that he dranke so much to fill his house and that caused him to drowntea is neither good nor bad... tea can keep you up from sleep due to the presence of caffeine in it, and too much of drinking can cause problems too