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New 88x31 Button..

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ok i made 1 animated: Posted Image



then non-animated: Posted Image



what ya think?


I like the animated. you shoul tell an admin so they could add it to the banners page.


There's a banner page? Why didn't anyone tell me? Oh well. I'm having a look!


yea..i like them just for simple buttons.. :rolleyes:


oooh Very nice!!! Better than mine!!!I think they look very professional I like the animated one though


i disagree. i think your buttons are better :angry:but simple is pro :rolleyes:


i disagree. i think your buttons are better :angry:
but simple is pro :rolleyes:

Yes simple is pro!! I totally agree. All these people make these banners and there are loads of graphics every where and like most are good...but some are sort of over the top....You get me??


:rolleyes: yepbtw, love your sig. looks very nice!


WHAT ?? Lmao....Can I remind you it is pink....You are a boy or are you not ???AHAHAHA...I am not saying that boys cant like pink, but they usually go for a more masculine color....Lmao only kidding....I made a massive banner for trap but it's really crap so I am keeping it hidden in a folder somewhere on my comp....So it is forgotton...muhahah.I'm weird.. :angry::D:ph34r::rolleyes:


http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ - have a look at my portfolio :rolleyes:

Lmao only kidding....I made a massive banner for trap but it's really crap so I am keeping it hidden in a folder somewhere on my comp....So it is forgotton...muhahah



Bexa: Depending on the operating system you use, try the 'Find Files' program. :rolleyes: You can find the filename and location very easily.Zip: o.o


i think she/he ment that she/he didnt want to find it.


LMFAO !!! God this is soooo funny !!! LOL!!!IM A SHE THANK YOU VERY MUCH....Unless I am some kind of gay poof that loves baby pink...And YES lmao I did mean that I did not want to find them...But thanks for attempting to help a person who is not in need of help.lmao.:rolleyes:--------------------------------------I am going to buy a domain soon ...I think....yippee...Once I know how to use my credit card...Or whatever it is....I don't wan't to get in debt lmao like those people on TV chat shows.....Any one know the cheapest JUST DOMAINS NO HOSTING ???That is like 5 pounds because I do not use dollars




netregistry.com.au/ is good.. 

i dunno tho..they are a parter of iprimus.com.au i thinks errr.. lol


very nice, sleek design ... ill be sure to add one to my website <_<




Lmao !!! I went on planetdomain.com ages ago...I think it is good as well..But can I trust it with my card ??? Because I hear all those things about credit card fraud and it scares me....Anyways I am probably going to buy it like in two weeks I need to get my layout done first on my comp....


iprimus.com.au - my ispso it should be right..i dunno..i'm going to get a domain 2 soon <_<


That is really great man. I like the animated one.


Thats exactly what I said spawn.....Spawn....Isn't that a games name...??Hmmmm....Anyways....Laters people I got to bounce!

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