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Hersheypark Secret Water Park Announced?

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Derry Township, the jurisdiction containing Hersheypark, has accepted plans for Hersheypark's 2007 additions today. The plans? Several water rides throughout an area near the park's Lightning Racer coaster.
Not too much info was given away about the expansion, but the rides were mainly types found at water parks. Confirmed rides include a water play device, three pools, a water slide, water playground, and fountain. The new waterpark area would involve the removal of two small rides in Midway America. Those rides are Frog Hopper and another flat ride.

The plans given out mainly confirm Hersheypark receiving the long-rumored water park to some degree. For years, rumors have been floating around about a water park. One rumor included the park being named "Cocoa Bay" and have the water dyed brown to resemble chocolate.

Hersheypark is adding a new addition in 2006, a Sally dark ride called Reese's X-treme Cup Challenge. 2007 Will mark the 100th anniversary of the park.

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Sounds pretty cool. I have never been to Hershey's Park but I have wanted to. I have always loved roller coasters and I guess you must like the park too. I have noticed you like posting this stuff. Great Info.


well i want to go to hersey and like have stroke in eating nothing mut chocolate there, I can only imagine the stree they have when they design the chocolate.


is the water there chocolate? maybe dark chocolate or sweetened chocolate ^_^ im dreaming again but it is sure to be a sight to see it this is true?