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What Is.. Earth's Tidal Change From The Moon?

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Have you really ever wonder why there is always two high tides and two low tides a day. Well you know what the Earth and the Moon is? The Earth is a planet, which holds life including us. But there is mostly water on the planet. Then the moon, believed a peice of earth that broke off and smaller then the United States of America. Well the Moon has a pull to the earth. It is invisiable. You might know a force makes animals aware of storms and such like the Tsunami it said alot animals knew before it happen. Now the moon's pull on earth but stays in orbit. But this pull calls a invisiable force i believed called Gravitational Force where picks up the water. There is one high tide. Then the rest of the water not being pulled will move down to the oppiside of Earth. Now the two sides are low so they are low tides.Then the buttom or oppistside. That is high tide for all the water is pushed there. If the moon was bigger tides would go up and even lower. Imagine 50ft how tide and 10 feet low tide?


Very nice explanation. I knew it had something to do with the moon but never really learned about it. Everything in the universe has a gravitational pull. Even an acorn. It's just some are stronger than others and some you can't really feel because it isn't that big. Of course that is how we are pulled to Earth. The moon has a big enough pull that it pulls up the water I guess is what you are saying.


As I recall, and being my age makes that a somewhat questionable process, Gravitational Forces are a function of Mass and Distance. Large objects have more attraction (force) than smaller ones (similarly spaced) and objects which are closer together (assume similar size) have more attraction than objects further apart.This is a Universal Law, proposed, I believe, by a guy named Newton? or Copernicus? (might be wrong, if so please correct me). Well, at any rate, some guy a long time back thought it all up and so we study this stuff. The universal nature of this Theory affects more than "physical masses". Geographers have an equation to relate the size and distance between locations. Geographic centres have a theoretical level of activity between them, based on their "distance" apart. If you know the population size of several cities, and their inter-spatial distance, then you can calculate their quotient of theoretical connectivity. That is : how much interaction there 'should' be between them. Then you measure their 'actual' connectivity. Any difference between the 'theoretical' and 'actual' interactions are explained by barriers or absence of barriers affecting the locations. For example, they might be seperated by a political boundary, a physically insurmountable barrier such as a river or Mountain range, there may be a language issue, cultural issue, etc. Or maybe a new super highway connects them. It would increase the interaction if that were the case.Also, there is a 'Law of intervening opportunities'. This means that while you might be okay travelling to a far off place to shop for some goods, if there is a place which is closer or en route , you will shop closer in order to save the time/expense.Boy, that takes me back a few years to College Geography 101. Or was it 207?


ooh, I like the issue of tides. It's related to all kinds of phenomena that we can observe. Like, did you know that the tidal friction between the moon and the earth is the reason why the moon's rotation around the earth happens in the same amount of time as it takes for the moon to spin once on its axis? In other words, tides can explain why we only see one side of the moon from earth, and the other side is always facing away from us. Other bodies in close orbits around much larger objects (i.e. Jupiter's moons) also tend to be phase locked in some way. The earth and venus are not because they are too far away from the sun. Mercury is locked into a 3:2 spin:orbit ratio, not 1:1 like the moon and the earth, but I'm not sure why exactly.

Also, the tides are largely responsible for the moon slowly drifting further away from the earth, something like 2 or 3 cm per year. This has been going on for a long time, and you can see from the fossil record that the tides used to come much closer together.


I don't understand much of the math and physics behind orbital mechanics, but it sure is cool.


The following diagram shows how the moon causes tides on Earth:


Posted Image


In this diagram, you can see that the moon's gravitational force pulls on water in the oceans so that there are "bulges" in the ocean on both sides of the planet. The moon pulls water toward it, and this causes the bulge toward the moon. The bulge on the side of the Earth opposite the moon is caused by the moon "pulling the Earth away" from the water on that side.


If you are on the coast and the moon is directly overhead, you should experience a high tide. If the moon is directly overhead on the opposite side of the planet, you should also experience a high tide.


During the day, the Earth rotates 180 degrees in 12 hours. The moon, meanwhile, rotates 6 degrees around the earth in 12 hours. The twin bulges and the moon's rotation mean that any given coastal city experiences a high tide every 12 hours and 25 minutes or so.


this is quoted from http://science.howstuffworks.com/environmental/earth/geophysics/tide-cause.htm


thats pretty much the simplist way to explain lol...


also i do believe the closer the moon is to the earth the bigger the waves get as well due to the gravity as well.but still thats some good science info for kids in the grade schools and what not, hopefully they will remember this when its comes up for a big project.


Had this lesson for Geography class when I was a kid. Used to hate geography. But anyways thanks for sharing the info.


I think it is very cool. Think about this. How big are we just in are solar system? Like to guess. Answer we are 1/800,000,000,000 of are solar system. Invisible really to the eye, Next in the 70's scientist sent a probe to go in space and take sound and pictures of the space to earth, Recently we got info back but now it has gone so far out that we dont get any more messages.


It is always intresting to know what is out there. You know in 2018 we plan to make colonies up on the moon! We have so much out there we just dont know yet. Does anyone know why NASA is intrested on going to Europia?