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Installing Ndstats! The greatest Stats script of all time.

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An example of this script cna be found at http://forums.xisto.com/no_longer_exists/ (click enter)

This is by far the BEST stats script and most sites use it! This is a PHP script and requires you to include files (Please... don't do iframes!)
DOWNLOAD LINK: GO TO http://www.zymic.com/ and go to Php scripts>stats scripts> and the current version of NDSTATS. Downlaod it and unzip it!

Go to your WWW directory and create a folder called "ndstats".

Then what you need to do is upload all of your files into that folder. You all should know how to do that.

Then go to the top of the page(s) you want displaying your stats page, or counting it.
Add this code at the VERY top of your page(s).

<?php  include "ndstats/stat_calc.php3"; ?>

Then where you want your code displayed enter this code:
<?php  include "ndstats/stat_display.php3"; ?>

That should be all! You can use
codes in the stat_display.php3 script if you want. Thats incase it runs of your page if you have expandable boxes.


THANKS! ( I put it in a code box because its a live donwload link)


Yes I use this stat system. It works very well at posting page views, and hits for the day, and then total hits, and total page views. It doesn't show the users I.P address like some do. I don't think it really needs to anyway. People should know what their IP is. It's a nice way for users to keep track of their hits.


Hey. Thanks for informing us about this stats script. I may try it, although there's a few other decent statistics programs out there.Thanks for sharing anyhow :lol:


heh.. thats one of useful tutorials :P thanks for sharing it with us. Im using awstats and i think that we have awstats here in this cPanel on Xisto but im not sure, i didnt looked around this panel too much...

btw there is another one stats thingie out of google... https://www.google.com/analytics/


gave a script demo site again.your old site haz experited.and of course,google analysis is a better choice i think.they have powerful server for that.