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Faster Than Light Travel? Thinking caps please

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I suppose that is a not your content and you should put it in Quotes. You can find the same here :




Even if you have posted it there, you need to quote it here. and not put the entire thing as content.


Moreover the link that u gave states that:


Some of the weird science stuff has been removed, it was previously left here for the humour value.

Some people evidently don't have a sense of humour...



That's something of mine he quoted but I subsequently removed it.


Ignore the stuff in bold above, I wrote an article on the Cell (PS3) processor and people were using the alternate physics stuff to attack me, it was all meant to be removed anyway and that's the first thing I thought of.


It's not "real" physics and I never claimed otherwise but it turns out the idea I described for FTL travel is very similar to some other existing ideas which are considered quite respectable.


The problem is it requires an anti-gravity source to work (which I also wrote about), unfortunately if you write anything on that subject you are immediately considered a nut case.


I think the ideas have some validity but the descriptions were quite old and not well written, I'd planned to rewrite them anyway, one day I'll do that. In the mean time I've removed them.


BTW I should point out that I'm not disagreeing with Einstein, in fact it's all dependant on relativity (at least how I understand it).


Let's leave this sort of stuff to the scientists and they would most likely find out how, why and when. Sure it would be great but it will only occur in like a few hundred years. So you won't be able to find out if it has been done or will be done. Unless you would like to invent a time machine and get a design on how to make it work.


its been discovered that we can decrease and increase the speed of light.


its also discovered that we can teleport light !

but there is always but.. for now only on one nanometar... so thats not realy a lot isnt it :P

I think that its posible to travel faster then light, but not to us and definitly not now.


and why do you need faster then light to travel if you can go back in time when you travel as fast as light :P but that is another topic.. that i need to search for :D

LeAnn Rimes My Angel

I saw an episode on the Learning Channel with a mathematical genious who calculated it is possible to travel faster than light. I don't know if an infinite amount of energy is needed, since infinity of anything doesn't exist (in my opinion). The solution they proposed was to use wormholes in space. And the example they used was a pizza (DON'T LAUGH... YET). One person demonstrated a worm hole by first throwing pizza toppings on top, and considered that the galaxy. Next, he took an object, and demonstrated regular space travel from one edge of the pizza to the other side. After that, he took the whole pizza, and folded it so that one of the sides made contact with the other. Taking that same object, travelling from one edge to the other is instant. As a result, that demonstrates a very simple example of a potential breakthrough in the future, once humans discover a way to use wormholes to travel great distances instantly in space.

Cerebral Stasis

It seems to make perfect sense, Dark God. I don't see why so many people have put so much faith in Einstein's theory that nothing can pass the speed of light, since he had no proof, nor any way of testing his theory. Until we have the technology to see if that theory is fact, I suggest we keep an open mind and don't get ahead of ourselves.


At one time peopl believed the world was flat.  Later, they believed that traveling at the speed of a locamotive would be dangerous to humans.  Then they believed that human flight was impossible.  Again they thought supersonic flight was unachievable.


Of course, now we know they were all wrong.  And it is only a matter of time before someone shows not with an equation, but with physical evidence, that E=mc^2 is does not define the upper speed limit of travel most places in the universe.


i sont understand why peope then believed thta the world was flat that is crazy man

Cerebral Stasis

It's because few Easterners (if any) knew of the Americas, but quite a few had gone in that general direction and never returned, so they assumed that there was some kind of dropoff or monster that stopped the sailors, and noone was brave enough to set sail and find out.With the little scientific knowledge they had, the concept of a flat world made perfect sense at the time, just like how our knowledge of the earth being round makes perfect sense now. All one can do is take all avaliable facts and derive a conclusion based on the evidence at hand.Remember, we're talking about a time during which there were four elements; earth, sky, water, and fire.


As far as I know nothing and absolutly nothing can travel faser than light. Eistien said that E=MC? which means Energy equals matter travelling at the speed of light sqared. What am I typing? :) It says as soon as matter reaches the speed of light sqarred it turns into energy. You know what? Time is an illusion and it does't exist :P I live my life not worrying about these things. A little while ago, people thought the world was flat and if you went to the edge you would fall off, how crazy is that!


I believe that time does exist and its effects are readily observable. The very concept of movement is an effect of the transition of time. However, I digress.

Someone once hypothesized the existence of particles called tachyons. These things were believed to travel faster than light. Not only that, they were also believed to operate in "reverse time".

Consider an effects of Einstein's relativity equation: Time Dilation. What this means is that moving clocks tick slower than those that stay still and that apple halves propelled near the speed of light brown slower than those lying still. Note how time approaches zero as the speed of an object approaches the speed of light.

Now, what happens when the speed of an object, heaven help us, exceeds the speed of light? It is quite intuitive to assume that time, too, will slow down beyond zero, in effect, turn negative, thus the concept of "reverse time". The eccentric author of paranormal books, Erik von Daniken, has provided us a seemingly mundane hypothetical situation that simulates how these tachyons work.

Suppose we have a flashlight connected to a tachyon-sensitive reciever in such a way that it lights up whenever the reciever detects a tachyon. Suppose, too, that we have a satellite in orbit programmed to fire a tachyon in the direction of the reciever at exactly 12 midnight. What happens?
The flashlight lights up well before midnight...

This does present a lot of opportunites:
1. If we propel anyone faster than the speed of light, we would effectively break the effects of aging.
2. If we set up an interstellar delivery network that operates at speeds faster than light, we can send buckets of fish fresh, not frozen. We might as well expect them to arrive at their destination still hanging onto life by a thread.

The aforementioned effects also present a lot of problems:
1. Anyone planning to travel faster than the speed of light should invest a lot in protective gear and hull integrity. It is the universe, after all; do you expect to zoom through it without running into any particles? And at such speeds...
2. Anyone creating blueprints of an engine designed to propel itself faster than light, or even at the speed of light, would do well to remember that time slows down for it, effectively limiting the speeds it can attain to velocities well below that of light. Analogously speaking, if your engine powered a rowboat, the faster it goes, the slower it will row.
3. As an effect, objects travelling at the speed of light either have to be "born" that way or propelled by a powerful outside force. Photons were lucky enough to be born that way. For everything else, you don't need an engine. What you need is a catapult.
4. Then again, if there were an engine like that in Futurama, which doesn't propel the ship forward but impels the universe about it, then I'd say it is magic, completely beyond the realm of physics and hardly worth my precious neural cycles.
5. Anyone who happens to find himself caught in a speed faster than light and unfortunate enough to operate in reverse time will do well to remember that if you drink water, you will become thirsty, the effect will inevitable come before the cause and that your conversations will start with "Good-bye" and end with "Hi" or "Hello" :)


may be in the future


it's up to the scientist to think of a way of travelling faster than the speed of light. but as of today we are now way near that. it's a matter of centuries before one can conjure an idea to make a vehicle faster than a speed of light.as of now the scientist are intented about the idea of a wormhole. which has never been seen before but proven in physics so its a matter of time or our physics is wrong <_< but if where "theorizing" then one idea of mine is a little bit simple:when your using a flashlight, and light is in a wall. in logic you know the light is in the wall. if you put a colored plastic for example a green plastic then the light in the wall will be colored green also. if there is a way to create a engine/portal/etc that will let us be the green plastic and be transported in the wall in the speed of light then that would be exciting. :( i have that one unique engine, but too bad youll have to be in my dream to see it :(


The Universe and a "Simultaeous Transition"

Faster Than Light Travel?


Why are scientists so reluctant to consider the "ultimate" condition of the Universe, when theorising extraterrestrial communications.

To communicate to any where in the Universe in real time, will only succeed

If the transmission is received simultaneously from the source.


E.G. Place a pencil across the palm of your hand.

Imagine the distance from one end of the pencil to the other is "and" distance.

The pencil will represent an immutable "thread" through out the Universe.


Should you move one end of the pencil(thread).. Then the other end will move simultaneously.

No energy is required as the contact is already made automatically, the modulation or the "data" is the only reference to time.


This facility has been available not only since the very beginnings in the Universe, but is used here on the Earth.

Most living entities could not function with out this phenomena.




-reply by Brian Sallur


I think that it will be possible one day :):P :P Just not in the near future!


Bah! Humbug! Faster than light travel is impossible! At least that';s what people who believe in today's physics and relativity. But who knows, maybe everything we know today will be debunked in a hundred years and light travel will be possible!


Equilibrium/Is this possible, using kinetic energy as fuel?Faster Than Light Travel?

  As far as I understand what happens in accelerators with matter is that the nearer to light speed you get the more kinetic energy produced and the bigger the size of matter.

  What if you used this kinetic energy as fuel for a spaceship. It would be pure energy being put into an engine designed to use it. The matter size then will remain the same.

All energy produced at light speed would be conducted to the engines both front and back on the ship, for forward motion and deceleration. The energy would travel through the ship like you would get rid of static electricity, but using super cold conductors cooled by the super cold of space.

The ship would always be in a state of equilibrium keeping matter at the same size and using up all the energy produced, some energy perhaps used to clear a path ahead for the ship. It would seem you could travel at any light speed because the energy produced would be infinite. The faster you go the more energy produced.

-reply by David

Time Warner Cable SUCKS

until you people master traveling AT the speed of like this issue is entirely moot


I cannot remember when exactly, but a couple of years ago I have read an article in a UK science magazine saying that light waves can be at two places at once, and so teleport from one place to another. It obviously doesn't happen naturally but it can be forced in a lab.


At the smallest point known to us, the universe is actually made of of waves. These waves all together form particles (the smallest unit of matter), which in turn form atoms, which form the desk and computers in front of us.But energy waves do not only form matter. They are also present in light for example. Some also beliveve - as I do - that consciousness is an energy wave, the one that is the basis of everything around us, reality as a whole.


So Faster Than Light travel for humans would involve finding a way to 'reduce' us to our basic energy wave self, transfport the waves to their destination and then reconstruct us, preferably in the right order ;)


Seems improbable I know, but then again...

Alex Cicala

I saw a video on you tube about slowing down time by free falling to read a led display that flickered faster than we can see. I see in the future we will be able to slow down time, although not completely stop it. Slowing down time is more plausible. I don't think that getting faster than light is possible, maybe if we experience going through a Wormhole or Black hole maybe then we can distinguish an answer to this myth. If only current technology helped us understand the variables of speed of light and getting something to travel at that speed? Firstly we need to see if it's possible then we see if something organic can survive that speed. Sorta like in the movies like Star Wars, Star Trek and etc. Where the ships hyper drive allows for travel through wormholes to get to a destination quicker. This is not exactly speed of light. It's sorta like folding a piece of paper to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible. All these theories may be proved in the near future and I hope this is true.


HI..............their thing which travels very fast than light travel and that is in us , yes that is in us . can you gusse no , so i inform you that , that is your brin wgich travels very ast than light travels

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