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Cars Of The Future What will they look like, and be like?

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Whooooooooooo nice i like it but i haven't money <_< THaaaaaaanks


i dont like the fact that there might be flying cars i like to burn out, jump, and race my car in a flying car you cant do any of that. another reason is there will be way to many crashes. my final reason is that the new cars that there coming out with look so gay.


First off, I think cars will no longer run on gas. Not really sure what it will be, there are lots of theories on that one, from hydrogen to sunshine. There is always the possibliity that another substance will be discovered in the future that we haven't even heard of yet that could fuel our transportation needs.I also think in the future you will be able to get in your car, punch in or even just speak the address you want to go to and the car will just take you there with no further input from you. Hopefully, that will be after my time, since I actually do enjoy driving, right down to shifting gears and hook sliding around corners. :rolleyes: I would not be happy at all having a machine take that pleasure from me. Flying cars would actually be a big help to congested city traffic. Having layers upon layers of transportation lanes would make commuting in town much more effecient and faster. We just have to figure out a way to defy gravity, how hard can that be? Now if you want to talk WAY distant future, there is the possiblity that we won't have cars, that transporters will no longer be a science fiction Star Trek thing, but we really will have the technoligy to do something even that far fetched. Sure, I know it sounds crazy, but did we think 20 years ago we would have powerful computers that would fit in our pockets? I am amazed every time I even think about the advances that have been made in just the past 20 years or so. It almost seems unbelievable when you look back just a few years. Makes me really wonder what will happen in the next 20 or 50, or even 100! Do you think we will even be able to recognise our world?


Hmm if we assume that future means something that have not come yet then Hydrogen based cars are not the car of the future, they are cars of now and for now we can see many of them, for example "Honda FCX Clarity" which i have saw one of them two years ago but it seems that for now only we can see some of them and i searched a little and i didn't find any shop selling a hydrogen based car, but anyway in future you should not think about Hydrogen because i think they have found a problem with it which we will discover later. now i think that in future cars will not have wheels because wheels are the problem that is preventing a car from going faster than a certain speed, look at Bugatti Veyron they have added 200 bhp to make it going 20-25 kmph faster and this shows that they have faced a real problem to make it go faster and that is the friction between tires and the asphalt, this is why they say that you can only go for 15 minutes with your top speed, because the tires start to get warm and they will be destroyed from high temperature so you can't have it going on its top speed for a long time.Now if they are gonna not having wheels then what should they have ? i think we have two approaches here, first is to built them like military jets, with two engines, one for going straight and another for keeping the car in a specific height from ground but the second engine do not need to be very powerful instead they have to find another way for steering because in air you have enough space to turn with your jet but on ground and in the streets you have to do it in another way. another approach is like magnetic trains, they use magnetic field to keep their distance from the rails and so by not touching the rails they can go with a lot faster speed because there is not any faction with the rails to waste their energy. the first approach is something that we can see in movies and even from many years ago, but the second approach i haven't seen anywhere and i don't think it can be possible very easily because you need to make magnetic field in all of the streets and this needs a lot of money but i was thinking about a combination of magnetic field and wheels, so when you are in autobans you can use the magnetic field to go up in the air and go a lot faster and when you are in town you can use you wheels to go with normal speed. so maybe future cars will be like what i have said here. But i think we can't see those in near future because i know that car companies are still wasting their times on making electric cars, this is just going on and it will be the next generation of the cars whether we want or no, but electric cars are not the answer and of course some day they will be a part of history too.


I wouldn't want to include flying cars in the discussion. Those are airplanes rather than cars. I noticed that someone mentioned that the next generation of power for cars would be hydrogen fuel cells. Maybe nuclear-powered? Both hydrogen and nuclear energy seem a lot more risky than today's gas/diesel-powered after the Japan earthquake. I imagine future cars will be solar energy-powered - maybe somewhat distant in the future.I would also imagine that the cars will be built with super-light materials that allow them to use little energy to move around. They will still be strong - and safe for drivers and passengers.


When you say cars of the future i think about flying robot cars, but BMW don't think that way This BMw Z2 Concept should be published in Geneve Auto Motor Show 2011.Still this concept was not confirmed but the sourcses sad that this should be a small version of Mazda Miata Maybe this concept would not have that chanse to produce but some of his details maybe will be in some of the future BMW cars.This concept has strange lifting doors , some amazing lines in the desing , air protection on the hood and it will be apsolutley full with tehnology.It will have systems and options we have never seen before.The power will come from the 2.0l engine with 4 valves what will send the horse powers to the rear wheels

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